Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miracle of the Day : 14 January 2014

It's very important to have some elders in your house… they are an integral part of the change we have from house to home. Not only elders are there to guide us through the trickiest bits and point out our flaws, at certain times, when they get so excited about small things or when they bless you for no big reason else than to bless you, is what makes life worth living!

I had a similar experience when I visited my bua (father's sister) on the 14th of January, 2014. That day, one of our regional festivals was there and we decided just to go and visit her on that auspicious occasion. She is an old lady and I don't say that because of her age. Recently, I lost my grandfather, and my bua suffered the greatest. Losing a parent at the age of near 70, matters a lot. Over the years, I remember seeing my bua with white hair but I saw an old lady for the first time.

Anyways, my bua lives in a joint family. She and fufaji (her husband) live with fufaji's elder brother's family. So, basically there is one house to one generation i.e. my bua, fufaji, badi bua (fufaji's sister-in-law) and bade fufaji (fufaji's brother) and there is another house to their younger generation. We obviously visited the older generation home.

I helped my bua serve us a quick and usual dinner and then we were all seated for a nice chat.

While we were all talking, badi bua came out of her room with two plates and started going towards the kitchen. She is even elder than my bua and can't even stand straight. All eyes turned towards her as she passed the dining room, everyone silent to see her take the pain. I hate to say but yes, everyone just stared in silence. I am kind of a little naïve at situations like this and so I just got up and went towards her. I asked her to give me the plates and so I could keep them for washing in the sink.
Now, badi bua is a very soft spoken person. I haven't ever done something very special for her but she has always liked me. She always greets my mother and me very affectionately. For as long as I can remember, I recall her blessing me always like she would her own daughter.
That day, she refused to give me the plates. Because of her old age, she hardly gets out of her room. So, it was only movement like this that kept her bones going. Instead, she placed her free hand on my head and blessed me.

I don't still know why would she bless me. I didn't even take the plates from her and keep them. But there is something in the way she blessed me that day, I really felt blessed.

I know, for as long as I should live, I will always feel that there are people, who have been nice to me and who have cared a lot. But the feeling that someone is there blessing you, is wonderful!

I didn't want to make this particular entry anything long.
I had a sweet experience where I had a smile because of someone, and I just felt like sharing it. Also, like I said that I won't forget it; blog entry is a fabulous way to make sure that I don't.

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