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20 Reasons why HIMYM-Alternate Ending is way better than the one shown previously

If you are reading this, then you are 'How I met your Mother' fan and probably disappointed by the way the
series ended in March. I hated it to the core but unfortunately, for all these months I was stuck with what was telecast and all I could do was try and find some comfort. But then… last night, I struck GOLD! The alternate ending to the series, that was supposed to be in the full DVD set of Season 9 and even in the full DVD set of the series (All 9 seasons) that is due on September 23, was somehow leaked on the internet.

Note : I had bought the novel 'The Secret' on recommendation of a friend. She said that the book was magic and contained powers to make people happy. I was really sad yesterday, so I got a book that could help me. And within a few hours of purchasing it and reading only a page or two, I found out about the Alternate Ending. Well, if you ask me, I will always want to see more and find some fault here and there… but if you REALLY ask me, the Alternate Ending is as beautiful as possible - totally perfect - a perfect sum of the entire 9 year journey and to top all of it, it is happy. I am still in tears but these are tears that the show is finally over. The only good thing about the old ending was that I knew the show couldn’t end
like this and this is the only fault with the new one - my show has ended….. Anyways, in the Secret, there are mention of people all over the world experiencing miracles by reading 'The Secret' and implementing the good changes in their way of life. I had barely read it, but it bought immense happiness to me. I wish everyone reads it so we all be happy… and trust me, I am gonna read it real soon!! Who knows, the entire cast shows up at my doorstep? :P

SPOILER ALERT : Read this only if you are sure that you have seen both the endings.

Note : The leaked ending here is considered as the 'Alternate Ending' and in case there is another 'Alternate Ending'… well, I will blog about that when that comes.

So, I can give you a reason per episode for why the old ending is pretty horrible and should never have been aired. However, the creators stick by it, so I cant do anything evil to it. Yet, we have this new Alternate Ending leaked on the internet and it is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT. Now I am not saying the last sentence to be a reason, therefore, allow me to present 25 logical reasons as to why the new ending is better!!

  1. The story started 9 years back with the 'Future Ted Mosby' telling the story to his kids in 'Bob
    Saget's voice'. In the previous end, the voice in the last scene is magically changed to Josh Radnor's voice. How can voice change?

  1. In the episode 'Sunrise', Ted had let Robin go from his heart. Once that is done, he met Tracy and had a beautiful family. But no way those feelings were coming back, unlike his kids said in the last scene of the previous ending.

  1. In the s09e22, when Robin says that Ted has always been perfect for her and the two should elope, Ted told her that she didn’t knew him if she thought that he was going to do that to Barney and that he had moved on. Two words - 'Moved On'.

  1. In s09e22, when Barney accepts that the locket was found by Ted and not him, Robin realizes that he is perfect for her. Yes, their marriage doesn’t last but the reasons for that are completely different.

  1. When Lily says in s09e23 that 'Not this time. This is different' to Marshall saying that How can Ted do it all over again… meet a gal, go too big too soon and then end up hurt… It was supposed to be different! It was different but it turned the same way.

  1. Why tell the story 'How I met your Mother' when the eponym character dies the same way that she lived - off-screen…. ??

  1. The story of 'How I met your Mother' should end with '… and that is how I met your mother!' and not with the French Blue Horn. Maybe the yellow umbrella or the bass the mother played or the yellow bus…

  1. I really didn’t like the way the old ending was compiled… as in the kids scenes were shot long back so every time the kids spoke something, the camera was direct on them and whenever Ted spoke, the camera was direct on him. It reflected that the scenes are cut. Whereas in the new ending, it is voice over by Future Ted… just like the way we are used to.
  2. An important event such as the death of the mother, needed more than just one line '…and I carried that lesson with me when she got sick…' . Please, she is the title character, show some

  1. Even though I love the entire dialogue 'It was indeed a long and difficult road…' but this one is a little more lively. It doesn’t make us sad.

  1. Same goes for the music. The background score of the final scene in the old ending makes you wanna cry out but this really cheerful and good. It is kind of the ending the series deserve. I mean it is a comedy not a drama… and why should we be sad that it ended, I am glad it happened!

  1. The new ending has the 'yellow umbrella' scene in the last - and I totally loved it. I was missing the Yellow Umbrella in the old ending so much!

  1. The sentence in the new Ending 'and when I wake up next to your mother' is probably the first statement NOT in flashback told by Future Ted about what he felt with Tracy. It was great to hear and so lovely! The old ending barely knew that Tracy and Ted were in love.

  1. The mini flashback of the entire series is really cool in the New Ending. I mean when all the good things are in this one, why did you really show the old one? Probably because you wanted to create this havoc of heartbreaks as an applause to the grand revelation of the REAL ending!

  1. Ted was a hopeless Romantic. Saying that '…if I hadnt been through hell to get there, the lesson might not have been just as clear…' is not the way he would say it. In previous episodes, he had already said that he keeps dating and falling big-time for women because he believes that somewhere there is the girl meant for him. So, he would probably say that yes it was wrong but easy.

  1. In the new ending, Ted says '… be in the right place at the right time …' and that was important for all his life before that had been filled with wrong places and wrong times so that he could be on this one rightly. And it was important he said that because he kept complaining about the wrong ones throughout the series instead of 'Thank God, Thank every God there is or was or will be in the entire Universe and anyone else I could possibly thank…'

  1. 'The dumbest and most stupidest thing possible' is going upto a beautiful girl in the station and talking to her and I can see it coming from Ted Mosby because everytime he liked a girl in the way he liked the mother, he didn’t do this, rather he did the wise stuff such as stealing the Blue French Horn, dressing up the same way every halloween… and the list goes on!

  1. In the new Ending, Ted is glad to have met the mother and he has moved on. That is the reason he could tell the story so nicely and even when he mentioned his ex's, he knew it didn’t matter anymore. In the old ending, if Ted had feelings for Robin, why he kept saying 'Aunt Robin' in that neutral voice and everytime the Future Ted mentioned her, he was not interested in her.

  1. If Ted had to end up with Robin… where the hell did 'Aunt Robin' come from?

  1. It is more likely that Ted would remember all the people like he did in the mini flashback who helped him get to Tracy rather than '… and anyone else I could possibly thank…'. That is so not like Ted!


If I find more, I will definitely keep this list going. But these were the very obvious 20 staring right into my face.

And you know, there is something else as well - if the creators would have released this ending first, most audiences would be fine. As in okay, people who liked the old ending, might not have liked this very much but I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have revolted to get a sad ending. A happy ending would have been the safer card to play. But then, we all would be sad because the show would get over.
However, as it happened, for this 4 minutes and 17 seconds, I waited for almost 5 months. The show never ended where it should have had ended. There were several things that I realized in this 5 months - I had time to think how the show affected me and how I felt about it in general, about it ending. It taught me to accept things.

So…….. In a way, the creators are some real awesome people! Love you #HIMYM

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