Monday, September 1, 2014

I had A very Exciting Day

I had an exciting day 
Looking for places and finding places 
Eating food that should have suffice(d) 
But fell short crockery, roti or rice 
Yet as high as 50 bucks the price 
Some ate large to waste and other nibbled like mice 
With two people to jostle the 200 and more 
And two guests promising us fame and crore(s) 
So what if I had to sit throughput? 
...thinking of birds that fly and fishes that pout 
Escaping into high skies or deep lake... 
How in the Lord's grace, yet, I get this headache? 
Still to be a little sure, 
For months, can this I endure? 
A great experience to be searched from a stack of hay 
Oh!! Did I mention, I had a very exciting day!!

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