Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hair Tip : URGENT : Rebonding? : IMPORTANT

Hey all beautiful girls out there...
and more importantly - all the beautiful-hair girls!

Well - you are here because you were googling about 'rebonding'. Now I know how much you love straight hair... I had huge wavy hair and then I wanted them to be straight.. I bought a usable (local) hair-straightner and used it for a long time. What happened was my wavy hair smoothed a little but I still had pretty curly hair... Until one day I got them rebonded.

Trust me my hair were super awesome and I just loved them. I would flaunt them and play with them... Long story short, I fell head over heels in love with my own hair. But the point to note that I got my first rebonding done in Looks Unisex Salon and trust me guys I do recommend them... they are amazing at their job.

Almost one and a half years, I loved my hair and then they starting to be natural.

Anyways.... I was really stupid and got rebonding done again at the local parlor. She did follow the steps correctly and also use good products but somehow my hair wasnt what I wanted them to be.

And today with only like 3 months I am having a horrible hair fall. It am loosing like 20 - 30 hair daily and it kills me everytime a single hair I see has fallen out. And honestly, my hair doesnt fall strand by strand... they are falling in bunches.

Earlier I didnt have very beautiful straight hair but I had a volume that would make everyone jealous...

So everyone here... I want to suggest you - DONT GET YOUR HAIR REBONDED in some place where it costs less. Always go for national brands and professional salons. And take real good care of your hair. My personal tip will only be this.

And I have researched alot but I have discovered hair wont stop falling until all damaged hair have fallen. You just need to take more care and be very gentle with them.

Good Luck :)

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