Saturday, August 2, 2014

YTS (Yatra Tatra Sarvatra)

Well… the title literally means 'everywhere - here, there and everywhere' but this is the nickname given by my friend and I, to someone. It might seem a little difficult to comprehend if you don't know me but if you do, you might already have guessed who this is! And if you are Sudheesh, DO NOT DARE TAG ANYONE!

Anyways… a really good friend once asked me about the nature of my relationship with this person. I have looked for the answer and even after weeks, I don’t have it. I doubt that even if I look for months, that I will find any.

I remember when I went to my college for the first time, I saw him come into the class. Maybe that was the first or the second day of our first year. He would talk animatedly. He had a very energetic personality, or so it seemed when I met him then. He was full of life and it was infectious. If he was happy, you couldn’t help smiling. There were times, later, when he was frustrated and you couldn’t help feel sorry. Well… for the first few days, he would come and we would play sorts of games. Speaking exercises, or so he called them.

Ps : I just had a thought…. If he ever finds this, I know he will get that it is about him and then, he will kill me! :P Still, a life not fully lived will not even get any peace after death… so I continue.

First awesome thing that he did for me was that I was emotionally upset and he kind of freaked out and left the room but he called in female teachers to have them talk to me.

First sweet smile that I shared with him was on 5th November 2010 when I wore really amazing jhumkis (earrings) to school and he was coming from across the corridor and he saw them, saw me, smiled at me, raised his hand to just below his ear and make a gesture to shake some imaginary earrings and then gestured mine to be nice.

First irritating moment was my classmates telling me that he called me 'Drama Queen' in front of people.

Worst memory… well he has done some real bad things to me but this one will always be the worst… I wanted the computer club and he said that it wasn’t mine. I know, you guys (readers) might make no sense of it. But I will keep going because I am writing it out of pure emotion.

Something I will always remember him for is boosting out in front of the college front gate that if I don’t get selected in a company, the company has some problem with its recruitment process.

Another really good thing that he did was announce I front of a lot of people wanting to get selected for something that I will play the part whereas I wasn’t even giving auditions.

You know… I have a lot of memories with this man. Some of them are bad and some are good. Quite honestly, I don’t like remembering the bad bits, leave alone write them.

Now… you must be thinking why am I writing this blog. I mean, it is not that I am ever going to link him or ask him to read it. Rather I am going to keep it hidden from him for as long as I can.
Well the reason is that I really cant understand this person. At a moment he is bitter and the next he is really sweet. There are a lot of things that he is defamed for or criticized about. Probably he is the only one in my college to be the target of students constantly. And I have seen him get upset but I have never seen him complain. Somewhere… I have never seen him have a friend. I see him having thousands of acquaintances but none he would call friend. This is maybe because people see his bad side very easily.
However… I dedicate this post to him because I have seen certain good in him. There is a secret of mine that he knows. Well… he doesn’t really know it but kind of something about it. And he should be frustrated about it. But I believe that since he has learned the secret, he is way too sweet with me. I have never felt so much bonded with him before that I feel now that I have left the college. Sometimes, its like I am just discovering it. And this is something big. That guy has actually abused in front of me… fought with me in front of my whole batch and teachers… never left a stone unturned to support me… made me a great chef… biggest of all, he is the only person who asked me about my personal choices when I needed someone to support me. Yet, never in all this, I had known him the way I am getting to know him now. And I believe, it is adorable.

I mean, we really live in an age where people spy on others… look out for other people's soft spots to attack… malign others… and there is this guy who knows my secret and is being a real gentleman. That’s I guess 'Being Humane'……..

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