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Kick : Movie Review

The best part about the movie - Wonderful songs! All of them… Each of them is so beautiful that I can keep
listening to each one of them like forever. And a bonus point is that Salman Khan has given his voice to all the songs. At points, he can sing really well but at others… well, he gets too flat. Nonetheless, because I so want to sing, I really appreciate him singing.

The second best thing about the movie - It is based on some real good thought! And I did a post about Salman Khan that someone who even thinks this good to make movies such as Kick and Jai Ho, needs to be good at heart. It is like that this particular person cannot leave his job and start social service but whatever he is good at -
acting, he is using that as his tool to spread a good message and make the world a better place. I loved his thought in Jai Ho, to help others and in this movie, I loved it that children are to be cared for beyond anything.

The third best thing about the movie - if you are a Salman Khan fan… you might just fall in love with certain bits of the movie. Salman's character plays two phases - Devi Lal Singh and Devil [SPOILER ALERT]… It is like they are both the same people with the gap of an year. The honest review will be that while playing Devil, Salman Khan has looked really old and  mature but in the bits where he played Devi Lal, he has looked quite young, almost as young as he looked in Bandhan…
and truthfully, he is looking quite good and hot. So, you might not want to miss that out. Also, he has sung the songs.

Now, for the things not SO good about the movie -
The other characters hardly had any role - Jacqueline Fernandez, Mithun Chakaravarty and Archana Puran Singh have so much potential but they were just not given much scenes or their roles hardly had any role! It was moreover a movie about Salman Khan, a little of Randeep Hooda, Salman Khan, bits of the insane villain portrayed by Nafassudin (sorry if his name is something else) and lots of Salman Khan.

Also, the attempts at the jokes are BAD. There is a very tiny Dabangg sequence which is totally out of place. There are jokes made by Devi Lal which are useless.

Quite honestly, I never even liked the concept of the 'Kick' what was tried to conveyed through the movie. I mean yes, people don’t get excited or don’t find something worth the effort but there are a thousand better ways to demonstrate that than what was chosen.

And the worst of all - the villain is insane! I mean he is shown stupid. I mean, you know in a movie like this, if
the villain is not a strong character, the movie loses the charm. Remember Mogambo and Shakal… or even Gogo. Those were some of the legendary villains. People want them destroyed and lost. And, for instance, Mr. India was totally hypothetical that a common man who doesn’t even have things to eat finds a device to make him invisible and then he defeats a millionaire who has several connections and a team of evil genius scientists
working for him… but people wanted that to happen. People enjoyed seeing Mogambo's lair breaking to dust. But in this movie - the villain played hide and seek. First and foremost, he had a very weak built in front of Salman Khan and then he laughed in a stupid way. To make everything worse, he wont even fight like a man. I mean, could he be worse? What I think… the villain was more aptly a mixture of a variety of evils that exist in our society - negligence towards health… ministers involved in corruption… ill thinking for women… but you know metamorphism doesn’t work well for hindi movies, I believe.

See this movie review is different. I am not telling the story because I believe that it is already apparent from
the promos and everything. But for some reason I really wanted to write why I liked and disliked the movie and this is what I have made attempts at! Overall, you can see this movie once - at your home - when they show it on the television a few months later - without ads version. But I wouldn’t recommend you to spend your money unless you really want to. However, I would want you to try and look beyond the shortcomings and absorb the message from the movie. Like he said, we don’t really need heroes to bring a change… we are enough change if we bring it in ourselves!

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