Saturday, August 2, 2014

Evolution with changing time

I helped a friend with this article. I just thought I would share some of the thoughts here on my blog too!

Time is ever changing , every tick on the clock brings with itself a new moment which is different from the last passed moment, some are tangible changes , others intangible changes, among them some are perceivable for the naked eyes and others are non-perceivable. Sometimes the change brings in amelioration and during other times it leads to deterioration. Now the amelioration being brought in is what you call Evolution, progression or improvement. Mostly things around us evolve with time. The evolution can range from widespread fields like Human evolution, Society evolution, evolution in the feild of science and technology to even more widespread areas like cultural evolution, Language evolution etc. The basics of evolution lies in the betterment of things and not to keep it mundane. In literal sense evolution is a scientific theory used by biologists to explain the transformation of human species to what it today is. It explains how living things changed over a long time and how they have come to be the way they are now. It is a set of prescribed movements and a process of changes in certain directions. At times Ana chronic evolution can cause incongruous changes but that’s rarely seen ex. Atavism in the newly born baby.

We need not want to go into the deep oceans of human evolution but we can take live examples from our day to day life experience for the evolution concept. Right from the childhood till the person last breathes he evolve himself in thinking, mental ability, aptitude etc. He becomes mature day by day and with that he affects life of other species of the same genre. Every evolution in some way or the other , directly or indirectly related with the evolution of human kind. As humans evolve along with them everything evolve may it be society, science and technology, language, culture etc. So in the deep roots of humans lies the actual mystery of evolution….

There is nothing constant in this world - well, except 'change', of course! Every moment is different from the other. For every moment that had already passed, we all hope to leave all the worries of that moment behind and emerge into the new moment as bigger, better and more successful. Our this little conversation, also gives us another thing that is not constant in this world - Time. No matter what the scenario is, time will keep moving at its steady pace. We humans, well, we exist and try to defeat time. Every moment we try to know something that we did not in the previous moment, every second, we want to invent something, every minute, we want to achieve more, every hour, we say we deserve more, every day, we want to live more. I believe, this hunger for more, to explore beyond the possibilities, is termed by some learned men as Evolution.

Whenever we first hear the term, or to a layman, evolution will only mean the biological evolution of apes to human beings. But does it end then and there? Many studies are trying to find out what next? I have heard and read that humans will eventually turn into horses. Indeed, I recall in my biology class, my teacher told us that humans by originality cannot shake their ears, horses can. Some humans can do so. Eventually, are we adapting to be a horse? Actually, horses are just considered a good species, a nice breed. Even after what intellect and senses, the mighty Lord has blessed us with, we cannot bear any other, so called, inferior species to have any good feature that we do not have. This is evolution!

When I mentioned of changes, for sure, not all changes are good neither are all of them bad. A change is simply a variation from the usual; it is our perspective and thinking that makes it good or bad. When we are taking of evolution, homo sapiens is one selfish breed (no offense! I am one too) and we have made sure that we would only term a good change to be evolution, just like a caterpillar evolves to be a butterfly.
But then again, evolution is not just biological. To a well-lived mind, evolution is the difference of a lifetime. Every second we witness changes all around us. Classical music is replaced by bollywood item numbers; hospitals are replaced by private clinics; colleges are replaced by Google; letter writing is replaced by emails; and look, it is evolution only, that a simple thought in my mind is being read by you!

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