Saturday, August 2, 2014

Google it? then POST it!

I am a person with very limited knowledge but I can help in a wide variety of topics, almost anything. And this
is simply because I have an internet connection in my cellphone and whenever I need anything, I google it.

Today, while coming back from somewhere, we had parked the car and then it wont just start up. There was some weird symbol on the dashboard, one I saw for the first time. My dad tried everything and we even called a lot of help but nothing could be done. It was dark and getting late, so we came home leaving the car there in the parking. But it is then I realized something… I may not know how to fix a car but I am a CSE graduate and I know how to google. I was doing my bit very well.

But then I also thought about something a mentor had told me. He had said that every little article or every single information on the internet is because someone else put it there. Even when you post a little question and people reply, they are taking time out of their lives to answer you back, provide you information, free of cost and they don’t even know you. It is like wow!

He also told me that whenever I search for something, I should in some way put the answer on the internet after my problem is solved. There is a good chance that there is someone else on the planet who faces the same problem.

Today, when I googled about my car and I got some answers (though they said that nothing could be done and the dealer was to be contacted), I realized that whoever wrote this, even if it was just one line, I don’t know who she/he is but they proved to be quite helpful. And not just here… I probably google a thousand things and read tens of answers for every search result.

Therefore… everything that I search on the internet will eventually find its way into my blog. Not everything to be honest but I will try my best, especially, if I got very few answers. And to anyone who reads it, I am not asking you for much but even if you spend a minute each day to answer a question, you will have helped so many people by your efforts of just one month that you couldn’t even believe yourself.
So…. If you google it, do POST it!

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