Saturday, July 26, 2014

Being Salman Khan

I just saw 'Kick' and before the movie review… I knew, that this post was due! Now, I have been meaning to
write this post for a really long time now but something came in the way.

Let me start from the beginning - I don’t know how but somehow, I really started liking Salman Khan and Salman Khan movies. But then came the horrible show Bigg Boss 7 and there I really hated the way he was partial and protective of Tanisha Mukherji and then I started hating him.

Anyways… since then, two of his movies have come out - Jai Ho and now, Kick.

I really can't say whether Salman Khan is nice or not but there is one thing that I know that a person who makes movies on such topics should be really nice or at least his thoughts or his conscious should be.

You know, once I talked to a counsellor for what I should be doing with my career and then he told me that if Amitabh Bachchan was to be a painter… maybe he wouldn’t be very good with the skills but because he is Amitabh Bachchan, he would nonetheless sell well.

Even now, I have moments when I want to do so much with just one life and I know that it is not possible to achieve everything… But then I look at this guy - Salman Khan. Maybe he too wanted to be more than an actor - a philanthropist, maybe. And he has found a wonderful way to be one. He doesn’t leave his job but that doesn’t stop him from making efforts to build a better society. And I find it very noble thing of him. I mean, maybe he is not doing everything from his own hands but he is doing something and not just sitting there and killing time and his potential.

As of now, I know that I might no longer be in love with the actor but there is some respect that I now have for him - for the not Human Being but someone who Be(ing)s Human!!

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