Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is Female molestation a lesser of a cime??

Sometime back, I was having a random discussion with someone - and let me take a moment to tell you that this is no ordinary someone, but he is someone I really look up to, adore and respect… However, for that one instance, I seriously disagree with him.

We were discussing about a fight that happened between two boys in my college, in the boys hostel. Two boys, both, frankly, were exceptional cases and they got into a fight. Both of them were drunk and while one was known for his drinking, the other was known for his violence. Anyways, the college head decides to take a surprise visit and he sees them fighting - now it is another matter of discussion that how come the director was visiting the hostel at that very moment?, but let is keep it for some other time. So, these boys were fighting and the director shows up and he tries to intervene. Now there was other faculty members with him, but still HE alone decides to intervene.

Well, I don’t take alcohol and I am definitely Not pro-violence and am a girl, yet I know that when you see two drunk guys fighting, you leave them if you want yourself to be safe and sound. But nope, our director sir was bound to do the other right thing. And in this process, he gets hit. Now some say that he got a bruised forehead and the others say that he got hit on the jaw - quite honestly, there was nothing visible and so, nothing serious.
However, the guy who drinks more, was immediately suspended from the college - thankfully, he was in the last 1 month of his graduation and so, he wasn't rusticated.

However, a little more than an year ago, the same guy was caught for being excessively drunk and troubling a girl. The girl was a faculty ward and therefore, the faculty just hit him nicely, locked him up in his room and did other such things to let him repent…. But I have a small, tiny little question - I agree that violence is bad and that our director could be gravely injured and thankfully he wasn’t, but is fighting a bigger offence than molesting a girl? Of course, I agree it was in the college campus and the moment the girl shouted, everyone came to help her and even then, it wasn't much. However, it was an attempt!

I don't say that the boy shouldn’t be punished now for what he did and neither do I say that you hang him for behaving badly with a girl…. All I say is that isnt there something wrong with our society, somewhere?
How come the dignity of one human being be negligible? How can someone even think that you should just make the girl understand and ask her to silence herself? I mean, you are the only one asking us to shut up, when you are committing crimes against women!! I really don't get it - what kind of society am I a part of?

I mentioned being in the discussion with sir (I won't mention the name), because I believe him to be a very learned man and a man of reason and when he said that the girl issue could be set aside, I was shocked. Shocked, because if I see it coming from him, I know there must be some real good logic and back-up behind it. That day, a shocking fact revealed itself to me, somewhere, this is how our society thinks - this is how the minds are being moulded.

Yes, I agree that having women protection laws and rules, a quite many girls are misusing them or exploiting them in ways that can't be justified but when there is a just cause, can we overlook it? If there is a problem, do we solve the problem or ignore the entire section of the society that has that problem?

I havent written this post to say I am upset with that man… I haven't written it to defame either of the two guys and nor is it an attempt to write out anything against my college… because it is not a problem at this level. Even when we fight for 'gender equality', somewhere our minds have been moulded to think of girls as the weaker gender and this is what I think as WRONG. I also believe that the first step to solving any problem is accepting that we have a problem. And so my friends, this post is a mere attempt to point out a fault in our society and in the minds of people all around us. Only when we know the problem, we will be able to solve it!!
Concluding, I just hope and pray that I leave a better planet for a better generation, whenever I leave! Inshallah!

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