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Anyone who thinks that this is a movie review - I am sorry to disappoint you… but "Itni aukat nahi hai meri ke itni mast movie ka review likhne ka soch sakun!!" i.e. "I am not a person worthy to even think of writing a review for a movie of such a calibre!!" IT IS ONE HELL OF A STORY!!

Still, there will be loads of SPOILERS!!

Well… so the movie is about a team of 5 - 6 people who go out in space for a space mission. 2 of them - Matt (short of Mathew) and Shariff, are roaming around in space while one Dr. Ryan Stone (a She) is installing the Hubble Telescope. And then they get a news that the Russians have fired a missile that has generated some chemical debris. As a chain reaction of this, one of their own space stations gets affected and there is a lot of space-station debris revolving there. They get the warning but a little too late for the three of them to get inside the main station.
When this metallic meteorites hit them, Ryan is drifted off far away and loses contact with everyone. Just when she gave up, she heard Mathew call out for her. He too was drifted away from the station. He comes to her and then they both make their way back to their station, which neither of them are able to communicate with.

On the way, they find the floating body of Shariff, a meteorite broke through his suit and right through his head, creating a hole where his nose and upper jaw should be. Then they discover that because the spacecraft was also damaged, everyone inside the spacecraft have died due to lack of oxygen.
Matt points to the International Space Station and he has some kind of device that helps him motor his way in space. Anyways, they both make their way towards the ISS. Matt ties Ryan to himself as she was low on oxygen and was also losing hope. Finally, they reach there and while Matt is able to stabilize himself from the impact of landing, Ryan isn't. However, she finally finds herself entangled in some wires. Matt, who comes to rescue her, finds the situations totally reversed. As Ryan is entangled in the wires, she is the one holding both their weights (remember, Matt is attached to Ryan). Ryan detaches himself and makes Ryan promise that she will return and not give up hope. Ryan tries to stop him from doing so but he drifts away. He keeps talking to her, to give her hope and strength to move on and then eventually fades away.

Ryan goes inside the space station and before drifting away, Matt had told her that there is a spacecraft but it is in no fit shape to take her back to Earth. However, it will do to take her to the nearby Chinese Space Station, where there is another spacecraft that can be used for landing.
Once Ryan is inside the space station, first she relaxes herself as the oxygen inside her suit had finished long back. She then tried to locate Matt but she can't make any communication and those she can see him as a white dot against the black endless space, she knows he is dead and decides to move as he wanted her to. Initially, she makes a lot of efforts to detach the spacecraft (and the metallic meteorite shower returns) from the space station and once she is able to do that, she realizes that there is no fuel to fly it to anywhere. Ryan accepts her fate that she was going to die. She thinks of her daughter, who died at the age of 4. Ryan switches off the engines and the oxygen in hope to slowly drift towards death, however, just then, she has a vision of Matt coming into the spacecraft who talks some sense into her and gives her the courage. She realizes that he was only a vision. But then, her illusion gave her a way to go to the Chinese Space Station. She does so and finally reaches there.

When she gets inside the Chinese Space Station, she sees that the metallic meteorite shower will be there within a few minutes. Also, because of the same, the Chinese Space Station was losing altitude and it would soon hit the Earth's atmosphere. Once inside, it takes her a little time to locate the spacecraft, as she was new to this model of the space station. When she finds it, its instructions were in Chinese but she recalls Matt telling her that it is a replica of the spacecraft of ISS. She makes some lucky choices and finally is able to launch the already descending spacecraft into landing. Several parts of the space station were already detaching because of the meteorite shower when the spacecraft detached itself from it. The space station broke into several pieces all of which made their way into the Earth's atmosphere at an incredible speed. The pieces caught fire and it grew extremely hot but Ryan continued.
Finally, she was below the clouds and the parachute opened. She landed on a water body which immediately drowned the vessel as soon as the door bolted open. Ryan swam out of the vessel and then to the top to the surface, emerging as not only the lone survivor of their mission but also as a new person altogether!!


You know, seriously, I have tried my best to mention every small bit that I loved in the movie but trust me, I still havent done complete justice. The movie is way too good. And in case you havent seen it, go now and see it!!

Right from Shariff's 'Mera Joota Hai Japani' to the hole through the centre of his face… from the floating teardrops to the billions of stars… from the sunrise-i-would-give-anything-to-watch to the back-stories of the characters - amazing! I loved each and every bit of it. How even in emergency they talked according to their code of conduct… How the pieces of the Chinese Space Station kept flowing away… Everything was brilliant. Well, I honestly don't know what it is like to be space or the technicalities were upto the mark or not… but I know that in a total sci-fi movie where every 5 minutes you have something to make you hold your chair more tightly, telling the back-stories of the characters, in such a deep in beautiful way, can only be accomplished by the best of the director and writer, working together! And not only they, but I believe it takes the entire team to be brilliant and perfect to pull off something like this. Sandra Bullocks was just too good. Right from the first scene, I thought it was her but I could never be sure until she took off her suit… I couldn’t believe she performed so amazingly!

Very honestly, hats off!!
Totally Amazing!!

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