Saturday, August 2, 2014

HIMYM all over again!

I just watched the series-finale of HIMYM and I cried!
After all these moments, if there is one thing I know for sure - I started watching it as a series but now, I am totally in love with the characters. They are simply - beautiful! And if there is something that will never change, it is that no matter how much time passes by, I am always going to remember this wonderful show and I am always going to keep telling people that 'it is only Tracy for Ted' and I am going to cry every time I see episode s09e23 or s09e24…

And I would want my kids to see it too! I would want to have a son like Ted or a daughter like Tracy (keeping aside the numerous relationships of Ted and the untimely death of Tracy). I wouldn’t just let my kids see it, but I would have them see it on weekly basis, like I did - waiting for it! Not that I want them to not have it but I would want them to perceive the series like I did and enjoy every bit of it. Waiting for an entire week to see a 20-minute episode was definitely Legen-Wait-for-it-dary !!

About HIMYM… I was earlier today in conversation with my cousin who simply HATES the show. She just doesn’t find it real enough or not preaching the right  things enough. Well, while talking to her, I realized that I liked the show but it is because of the ending that I am now obsessed about it. Like she (my cousin) made a point, I would never spend hours at a stretch in a bar and it is also very unlikely that a bunch of people leave everything behind and meet at a bar regularly… but HIMYM has taught me that friends are there for you in everything stupid that you want to do. McLarens was not just another bar where Ted would drink and whine after his breakups or Barney
would pick up a chick… but it is somewhere Ted got to be Ted and no one judged him for being like that. It was a place where he was accepted for who he was. Even when Stella left him at the altar, the bar or Carl the bartender was nice enough not to be rude. So, more precisely, McLarens was their friend.

But if it is just about Barney - there are just a few lines I would want to recall - "I love you. Whatever I have and whatever I am, is yours forever".

And about Tracy - I am never gonna be over her. I just love her way too much! There are certain characters like Anand and Kal Ho Na Ho, which have their protagonists be wonderful characters who are going to be remembered and loved by all. Now, I don’t profess that a character needs to die to be great. Instead, I really don’t understand why all the good people die so much? Anyways… Like Anand - the eponym character and Aman of Kal Ho Na Ho, Tracy is portrayed to be one very strong and affable character. I mean, how can you not fall in love with her? She was witty, fun-loving, beautiful and at the
same time, she was a part of the group and also gave the group all the privacy they needed. She was in love with Ted but that never made her stop Ted from having late nights with his friends. Her love wasn’t conditional and this was the very reason that she loved Robin to be a part of the group as anyone else. She did something very noble - she brought Ted hope.
I remember, in the series finale of season 8, when he mentions to Lily that he is leaving, it was heart-breaking… almost as bad as seeing the show end. But yes, Lily was correct - with Tracy, it was different. Only she could have stopped Ted and not just stop,
we all know how much Ted loved the city - she revived all that love all over again!

Even today, the last twenty minutes of the show… especially those few last lines by Ted are sufficient to bring tears to my eyes. He can soften my heart in a matter of seconds. No matter whatever I feel, those twenty minutes are so beautiful. And there is nothing in this world that can change how those twenty minutes make me feel. And even today, yes I have my complaints but whenever I look at the last episode, all I can do is thank God. Thank every God is there is, was or will be and any one I can possible thank that there was something so beautiful and that I was fortunate enough to be a part of the legacy!

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