Friday, August 22, 2014

How I met Your Mother : What I miss the Most

You know... I am kinda watching How I met Your Mother rerun - from Season 1 till it goes on (currently, am at Season 3)... and you know, now I know how it is gonna end, the experience is really different.
Like when Ted gets to know that Robin likes him and even when he is already with Vitoria, he says that with Robin it feels right. Similarly, now that I am seeing it, Robin was way too better with Ted than she was with Barney, quite honestly. It was right but it was right for Robin. She had it all. He was the one she said 'I Love You' for the first time to. She was ready to move in with him... even if that never really worked. But you see, if there was anyone Robin was going to be with, it was Ted. I mean, yeah I loved Robin and Barney as a couple and I so wanted them to be together but now I see that was so not gonna work.

But then... this relationship was right from Robin... Was it correct for Ted? I think not. You see that yes, Ted was willing to travel and live on the road and have adventures for Robin but you know it just wasnt Ted. And one can make adjustments here and there but something as big as this was changing your entire self. One thing that hasnt changed in my perspective from last time to this is that Ted is a very nice guy and I wouldnt want him to change at all. Therefore I believe (still) that its only Tracy for Ted.

In the first episode of Season 3, Ted tells his kids (in future) that this story is not just about meeting the mother, it is about becoming who needed to become in order to be the perfect one for the mother. This is really beautiful.
Tracy and Ted are two very beautiful people but had they met just like that at a bar or something and dated, even I doubt they would have discovered each other. Ted needed heart-breaks (loads of them) and still keep believing in love. That is how he was able to make Tracy believe in love after she lost it once. And had Tracy not been with that other guy who proposed to her in Farhampton... she wouldnt ever realize how much pain she was feeling. Only when she faced it, was she able to deal with it.

You know... I totally wish there was another season... even half a season, where we could see them together. Now that it is shot, I know the alternate ending can be no different because it is not gonna be reshot, whatever is shot is gonna be rearranged... and it will just be that they meet or she is dead but no Robin scene. Whatever it will be... I still didnt get to see Tracy. And as a fan... I will always miss her as a part of the show... no matter how many times I see it. Right from the first appearance of that Yellow Umbrella in Season 3 till the last bit... I see and all I think it - hey this is Tracy... Gosh, I wish she had a dialogue or just a glimpse. But I know that is not happening.

And you see there is one scene I loved... when Lily and Marshall get married, there is a small conversation between Barney and Scooter.... and they are real life sweethearts. It is amazing... And there is another scene where before starting to date, Robin and Ted bring dates to make the other jealous and Robin brings Sandy Rivers. And there is a brief second where Lily is talking to Ted or Barney and she glances over the left because that is where Sandy, her real-life husband is sitting. So adorable..... <3 p="">
Anyways...... this post is just about something great... now ended but I am so gonna miss it. And it doesnt matter if I am mad about it or not because it is so not gonna change. It is a sadness I will feel always for not knowing Tracy.... :)

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