Monday, August 25, 2014

Legen - I-dont-have-to-wait-anymore-for-it-for-I-already-got-it - dary! Legendary! True Story (y)

From the name, I am pretty sure that you know that this post is about 'HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER'; It's official now - I am never getting over that show! It is damn awesome. Yes, I am upset with certain things but this is also something I learned from the show - sometimes the choice is between your Ego and the love you have for someone/ something. I can be pissed off for all the years to come or I can just choose to be happy that it happened. And no matter how much it hurts, I am always gonna be glad that I was a part of it and it is a part of my life forever.

There are so many things I love about the show that there was no way I could have stayed mad at it forever. And yes, I am disappointed, I wanted to see more. I wanted to know Tracy. I wanted to see Ted treat her the way he treated the others... Like, he mentions this girl 'Blah-Blah'... Future Ted doesnt even remember her name but he
takes all the time to tell the story to his kids with all details... Then atleast, the Mother deserved one whole season!
I know the entire series is kinda after her.... but I wanted to see more Tracy.

Anyways... I am not complaining. Not right now atleast.

Well... I loved the lines Ted quotes about the exact moment of when he meets his wife and what he feels about her. I have already cut out that clip and it is in a short movie I made for the couple... it is also my ringtone/ my alarm tone! I am obsessed with it. I had written down all but couldnt find it right now and I so wanted to read those words. And just as
I was about to Google them, I thought I would rather watch my video over and over again and keep writing this blog till I have all the words.

And this is what I am doing right now! Here they are -

It was at times a long and difficult road
But I am glad it was long and difficult
Because, if I hadn't gone through hell to get there
the lesson might not have been just as clear.

Right from the moment I met your mom
I knew, I have to love this women as much as I can
for as long as I can
and I can never stop loving her
not even for a second.

I carried that lesson with me through every stupid fight we every had
every 5 am Christmas morning
every sleepy sunday afternoon,
through speed bump
every pang of jealousy or boredom or uncertainty that came our way
I carried that lesson with me

and I carried it with me when she got sick.
Even then in what can only be called the worst of times
all I could do was thank God.
thank every God, there is or ever was or will be
in the whole Universe
and anyone I could possibly thank
that I saw that beautiful girl on that train platform

and that I had the guts
to stand up, walk over to her
tap her on the shoulder
open my mouth and SPEAK!

As I saw that video and heard the lyrics... I realized that this is totally how I would define 'Love'. All
Ted has in his heart for Tracy is pure genuine love. He loves her so much that it doesnt even matter
that she is dead and he continues to love her. He loves her by remembering every little bit of details and telling it to his kids... Even in the early seasons, before Stella, before even getting that Umbrella, often whatever he thought of how the Mother should be, he has remembered that and shared it with his friends. I love that thing.

I hope.... someday I will learn to love this way!!

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