Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girl Guide : Introduction

Hey friends...
Now well, let me make it real clear that I am no expert over such issues but I am a girl who had lots of things growing up. And as God has made me, I like to deal with my situations myself. It doesnt mean that parents or anyone older plays no role or should play no role, but I sincerely believe that girls should be given sufficient freedom and ample love.

Having said that... I am currently seeing my younger sisters grow. One of them, I find is totally like me. And the other one - well, she is definitely a challenge to me as well.

So, this new thing I thought I might share online. I am no expert but maybe my experiences and story help other girls like me.

If you are searching for any topic that I will share under this label, you are either a worried parent/ guardian or you are the girl... I believe the latter is more accurate.
First thing you need to know is that there is nothing wrong with the little girl. Don't freak out! You are perfectly normal and sane... Almost just as sane as I am (or maybe loads better). You see there is something that I have learned the hard way and I dont want others to learn it that way - people are not evil/ bad... they are just different. And anyone or anything we dont find according to our plan, we have a habit to term that as evil.

Therefore, I dedicate this post and every other post that will follow under this label as an attempt to put out this word so that I can help as many as possible or atleast let them feel sure that there is nothing wrong with them. We need to just change the perspective :)

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