Saturday, August 2, 2014

Miracle of the Day : 1st August 2014

This is a very small and tiny thing that touched my heart in a big way.

My parents and I went for dinner with some of my father's office friends. There was this wonderful singer who would play old hindi songs on the piano and sing them. His voice was magic. You could bet that he is not
singing and there is someone playing the songs somewhere. He was that good. And his choice of songs was wonderful as well. We often go to the restaurant that we had gone to and everytime I hear this man sing, the enchantment just deepens. I wish that someday I would have the courage and the voice to get up, go to him and offer to sing along side. Maybe someday if the restaurant is empty. I wouldn’t want the other customers to freak out.

Anyways… so after the wonderful meal, we were returning and my parents and I got into the lift while the rest of the people with us got into the other lift. In our lift, the singer dude was also there.

My dad playfully asked me how many gol gappas I had eaten and just to let you know - I love gol gappas. I firmly believe that they are man's biggest invention. Anyhow, to continue, I said 11, truthfully and then my dad and I started having a little father-daughter moment and he started teasing me. And just then, the singer smiled. When I looked at him (so did my parents), he said that 'WE' have really delicious ones.

Now the miracle was that even though he has nothing at all to do with the cooking, he said we. I wonder if the chef was to speak, would be even consider the singer dude. I mean, this was something that really touched me.
Many people would argue that the restaurant is a huge thing and the guy would gain some fame being associated to it but as the singer is not famous, why would the restaurant say it is associated to him? But you know, everything in life is not a profit-loss situation. Sometimes, compassion and fraternity really count. At least to me they do. And so, I really felt amazing having met this singer dude and hearing him.

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