Thursday, June 25, 2015

Coolness Redefined

So I have this lady boss at work.. let's call her G.. for that is what I call her. Now, there are two reasons why I call her G..
1. Her name starts with the alphabet and her name is pretty long. G is short, simple, sweet and happening.
2. The happening part! She is really cool. I mean she has a small kid who she dotes on completely and yet, i havent seen any frekle on her face. She is always smiling. It's not that she doesn't get angry, she does. She even fights valiantly when she has a reason to.

She is a team lead and it is usually her team that gets the most work and also the work that no one has a clue about. As in New work. She talks about the new business requirements as if they are so obvious. Like she would have known forever that those would come. And the best past is, she doesn't rely on anyone for this. Even after being a team lead, she would sit beside a fresher like me and share my workload. And the knowledge and dedication that she shows in the process is worth millions.

Then like I mentioned, she has a small kid (around 2 years of age). Now kids that age require constant companionship of their mothers and yet I haven't seen her say no or hesitate if she has to put in extra time. Instead, even from home, she constantly keeps on call her team members to make them assured that even if she is not present, she is with them.
Even when her son was sick, she came to office because that was required of her.
After all this, the way she mentions her son or her husband or plans something with them, is just too adorable.

You know, they say that like a person is at one place, he will be the same at all places... as in our behaviour or our characteristics remain constant. So, after seeing her work, I know she is an equally dedicated homemaker.

To add to all this, she is always the first one to plan a party!

You must be thinking why this post suddenly... no I am not gonna show her or not trying to impress her... but I wish, after a few years, I have a passion like hers... for my work as well as family.

I wish after a long day at work, I plan party with family.

And I wish, no matter what life gets, I could always smile!!!

So, this one ma'am, is dedicated to you!!

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