Sunday, September 11, 2016

Harry Potter Questions :: Section Introduction

September !! Ah!! The month for which all Potterheads await. The month, when the new year begins. It denotes, new beginnings!

This september.. September of 2016.. I am going to do some makeover for this blog and make it - 'Pages from a SlytherClaw in a Muggle World'

Also... The new section - Harry Potter questions.

Now.. let me tell you.. I love Harry Potter. Cross my heart and swear to die, I have read the books end to end many times and seen the movies a million times. Yet, there are some things that I am not very sure about.
Thus, all my doubts and queries, I will post here and hopefully you can help me solve them ;)

To Septembers :D

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Harsh said...

To September :D :D

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