Friday, February 17, 2017

Snippets from Professor McGonagall's desk #2

Quirrell took out his wand and was performing complex powerful spells to put the troll into an enchanted sleep before tying him up. Unable to believe the last few moments, she irritably told Quirrell to tie the troll first and then continue. 'it was elementary, Said Snape irritably. 'I believed the defence against dark arts professor should know that' he continued with pauses 'the repurcussions of our choices, Quirinus.' Just as he finished, Albus Dumbledore entered the girls bathroom, closely accompanied by the ghost of Gryffindor tower - Nearly Headless Nick. On seeing the other teachers, he turned to Nearly Headless Nick, the shine back in his deep blue eyes, and said 'Thank You sir Nicholas. Your help has been instrumental. I would not like to keep you from all the celebrations anymore.' Nick smiled as he turned and glided away.
Dumbledore went to the the troll who had thick ropes tied all around him. Dumbledore waved his wand in random motion on the troll as if trying to shake off something sticking from it. Nothing happened. After a moment or two, he turned to Quirrell and asked with utmost astonishment 'I don't detect any magic. How did you stun the troll?' Snape let out a grunt and Quirrell stammered before beginning his sentence. Dumbledore turned to McGonagall and she said 'It was Potter, Weasley and Granger. They knocked him unconscious.' 'That is something, considering we are talking about three first years taking on a full grown mountain troll' smiled Dumbledore. 'Three arrogant and rule breaking first years, headmaster' reminded Snape. 'Yet impressive Severus. I am sure you would agree.' Snape grunted again. 'I am not sure you understand the situation here, headmaster' pleaded McGonagall. It appeared she was talking on something that alone she understood in the room. When no one said anything, she continued 'A full grown mountain troll! They pursued a full grown mountain troll. And he flies just like James, maybe better. Potter has unbelievable resemblance to James. I don't want another generation of Marauders in the castle, especially not when how they ended.' McGonagall's voice was trembling. It hinted anger and worry. Snape seized the chance and added 'Headmaster, he has inherited arrogance and rule breaking as well.' Dumbledore smiled kindly at them both 'What worries you Minerva is a boy taking after his father?' 'What worries me headmaster is our efforts for the past decade to keep the boy and our world safe. The Marauders didn't soar for long enough and these three have every making of a marauder' this time, it was just worry that reflected in her voice. 'The Marauders remain, Minerva. As you and I discuss of them, they are very much present. Now Severus, help Professor Quirrell show the door and if possible the borders of England to the troll.' Snape grunted again before he left with Quirrell, both were making the now tied troll floating behind them. Dumbledore turned to Professor McGonagall and then both of them started walking away from the girls bathroom. Enjoying the festive mood, Dumbledore was humming to himself. In the front of the stone gargoyle, Dumbledore stopped to say farewell to Professor McGonagall but she turned away, a little angry and irritated, muttering to herself 'I already had the Weasley twins and now another likely generation of Marauders. To top it all, they keep looking for chances to hurt themselves. I wonder why people think bad of the Slytherin house, try coming to Gryffindor. And I also deserve a raise with so much to manage.' Dumbledore heard no more as Professor McGonagall had turned the corner at the end of the corridor. He resumed his humming after saying 'Pumpkin Pasties' to the gargoyle.

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