Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A letter for the departed ... HAIR

Disclaimer : I recently read an article on 'The Sneeze' blog which is similar in nature. It is the article that inspired me to do this one. However, I solemnly swear that this is not copied and that I am going through the pain that the author of that article had once undergone (I hope it worked out for him.).

Dear Hair

Everyday you fall down and trust me, even though I never feel it on my skin, it pains my heart deeply to see you leave. I have never been good with goodbyes and so I never say a word but I expected you to know of the pain (especially since you have been a part of my body till a moment back). Or do you not even see the tear that seldom clouds my vision?
I love you, to the moon that is 14 billion light years away and beyond and back, yet, you dont seem to care at all. I bring all sorts of expensive hair care products for you - shampoos and conditioners and serums and oils. Do you know how much a decent shampoo costs these days? Yet, I never pay heed to the cost when it comes to you, my precious. I spend two evenings (minimum) a week, to oil you. And I dont just nourish you with one item throughout. I ensure that you get all the essential oils. I change the shampoos and conditioners the moment I realize that you dont like them. Still, you seem angry with me. Worst are the days when I take deep care of you, like applying curd. It stinks and I have to bear that smell. Then I think of all the moisture that you would be getting from that curd and I smile in all the odour. Yet, when I wash the curd off, more of you would fall. Maybe you dont like Curd, just like the rest of me, but what option do I have? How am I to bring moisture to my moistureless hair? (oops, did I say that out loud?)

 have spent hours and hours browsing through articles and videos on the internet, about how to take good care of you. I have taken advices from whoever seemed willing to share. I have even stopped envying long straight hair. Yes, I would love it if you were straight but as long as you dont fall off my scalp, the wavy you is no less. Even the tips that once worked for me, wouldnt work a second time.

What happened, love? What did I do wrong? Everytime I see a single strand leave me, I ask it - what happened suddenly? It had chosen to stick with me for so long, even when the others were leaving. What changed now? Why did you decide to leave? And yet, one after the other, you all decide to leave, never answering my questions or soothing my agony.
As I roll the departed bodies into a roll and throw you on the floor or into the bin, I wonder why would you choose that life? I mean, see when you are shiny and long and ON MY HEAD, people sneak glances at you and admire you. Once on the floor, you disgust others and once in the bin, no one really gives a damn. Yet, you choose that destiny more than being on my head. Now I understand, I havent exactly been the best partner of choice. I am careless and ignorant. I had wanted straight hair for long to have damaged you and in turn, made you the moisture-less and lusture-less versions of yourselves. But, I have changed. I dont experiment with heating equipments any more. The most I am willing to do is, apply a new shampoo/conditioner/oil. I dont even fight to keep you open any more. I braid you, try to keep you combed and tangle free at all times. I know its not a cent percent commitment but I am trying and you should consider it.

Apologies if it got dragged a little. I just couldnt keep it all in and had to tell you. Hope you will share your feelings with me too.

The scalp owner where you are always welcome to stay and flourish.


Read the article on The Sneeze blog : An Open Letter to My Hair


renu Aggarwal said...

There might be a bug in the methods you are applying to protect dear hair... :P

renu Aggarwal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luna Lovegood said...

stop finding bugs everywhere but the code :P !!

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