Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Smile Again :D

Remember I posted one article 'Smile an the World Smiles with You'... Well, I am just having more thoughts on the topic and so I thought I should share them as well.

I see people don't smile often these days. And especially not to each other. There are several people we pass every day yet we don' want to share anything with them, not even a smile. The man, has become such a greedy being that giving a smile seems expensive. However, smile is something that if you don't give or don't share, then you are the poorer one.

Still, there are even exceptions. But they are often misunderstood...

Like, yesterday I deboarded my office bus with a grin. The first question my mother asked me upon seeing me smile, was why was I smiling? I mean, no offense mom, but what is wrong if I did smile? My office is not a gloomy place and neither I am supposed to have horrible days. Then why not smile?
And even if the day is not fine, you should never stop smiling. Because, sometimes all it takes, is three deep breaths and one smile to change everything! [Sorry! DieHard HIMYM fan :P]

In my previous post, I wrote it as a miracle that I shared a smile with someone. And also, I mentioned that I am going to remember that... this is because not often I get to share a smile with a total stranger. No one comes smiling to anyone these days without any motive.

And you know the funny part? Even if you meet someone you know... for the moments that you are greeting them, your mouth would curl upwards to show you smile (sometimes even grinning) and the moment they walk away... the curve straightens with a speed greater than the speed of light. Yes, if he person you met is a very dear friend, the speed is considerable reduced. Yet the smile fades away!!

This is something wonderful about children. They keep on smiling. They don't care if they know you or not. They are simply happy in their world. But the weird thing that I encountered, for the past couple of times, when I saw a kid and I smiled at them, the kid smiled back but the parent stared at me like I was an alien trying to abduct the kid.
I shared this experience on another forum and there was some discussion on it. Parents said that with the world going this bad - it is very difficult to trust someone and definitely, when it comes to our kids, we, in general, get much more protective.
You know, I totally understand this perspective but there are other things that I don't. By not smiling, aren't somewhere subconciously, we are raising our kids to be the same suspecious not-smiling people that we have become? And well, every one says that the society is bad but the real fact is that it is You and I that make the society. If we mend our ways, everything else will eventually fall in place. I know I might sound really idealistic but it is something I believe in deeply.

You know I am not against growing up but I am definitely against becoming people with 'forced' identities. If you are not true to yourself, how can you be happy?

Just the previous week, I was talking to my friend. She sounded dull. When I asked her the reason, she said that she isnot sad but there is nothing be juvenile about. I mean, really? Stop finding reasons to be happy. Just be happy. That is sufficient.

With this, I have said enough and I hope that you would leave it with a smile :D

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