Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last Lemon Stories

Maybe you don't know what is Last-Lemon, but I am sure you have seen 'Happiness is' post on Facebook. Also, you might have noticed several other similar posts like 'Saddness is' and 'Friendship is' posts. Ever wondered who is behind all those amazing cute posts?

Well, it's the amazing people working from 'Last-Lemon' and you might definitely want to check their website for even cooler post.

Another cool post by them is - Stories. These are small stories by the means of collection of pictures. They are short and cute and with a message. And they are definitely not something you would want to miss.
I came across these a long time back and I loved them. Today, I thought, why not share them with all of you.

Here... open the links, and it won't be ore than a minute of your time but it will have a great impact on your memories.

I hope you will enjoy these. Don't forget to comment and tell me how you liked them.....!!

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