Friday, March 20, 2015

Miracle of the Day : 20th March 2015

It is really important to have faith and even more important to believe in the power of faith!

Ever since I was a little girl, I always thought and believed that there is a special guardian angel who answered all my wishes and dreams. And it is nothing that I made up in my head. It is real. I definitely have an angel looking over me... who answers to a unique, special name. But... shhh!! That's a secret! I won't reveal that name.

Anyways, back to the topic, even when I tried to grow up and even when I was going through a horrible phase, when I was beginning to lose faith in myself, I never lost faith in my angel.

And my faith paid off! I am back, with a beautiful experience with my angel.

Just out of a little fun, there is a cute guy that I encounter a couple of times a week, these days. Nothing cooking up, except my sister thinks he is hot :P .
It is Friday and it means that we can wear Business Formals to work. I wore extremely 'Red' today. It was just a random choice, let me tell you. When I noticed this, while waiting for my bus, I thought that I am wearing red. It is the same color, the guy is wearing in his profile picture on facebook. And it is the same picture that my sister saw and found the guy hot.

So I  just called out my angel, with the special name, and wished the guy would wear that t-shirt and so that we could match............


Quick flash forward to when I finally get to see the guy... He is wearing that t-shirt! I mean common, what I wish for is that out of all the tee-s that guy was having, he could choose one particular one... and he chooses it.

You know, everything doesnt mean to be logical. Somethings are needed to be believed from the heart. I have always believed in the angel and now, years after I stopped asking for anything, the angel is still there... still listening.
I mean, who wouldnt want to be heard? to be looked out for?

We just get so busy with our lives and lose that innocence, that we ignore the angel completely.

I had a beautiful day today. Thinking about my own angel, I couldnt help smiling the whole day. It was a really special feeling. Like meeting a long lost friend. Like reliving childhood. And thus, this makes it a miracle. Just finding my own faith, I found so much more.

Later I was thinking to myself, what if at that exact moment, I would have asked my angel for something big? Who knows I would have got it too?

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