Sunday, March 8, 2015

Food For Thought ;)

I read an awesome idea in my friend's facebook post.

It was like -
In Satyug, there was the fight between two species, namely the sura(devas) and the asuras. In the next, there was a fight between the rulers of two kingdoms, namely Rama and Ravana. In the third, treta yug, the fight was between two people of the same family - Yudhistra and Duryodhana. And now, in Kalyug, the evil has reached zenith and the fight is now inside every individual. The fight to choose between evil and divine.

I really liked this thought.
I mean, isnt it true?
Today, if we seriously consider, people have created problems for themselves. There are diseases and depressions and lack of human contact. We have isolated ourselves by creating thorny imaginary walls with our imaginations. Without even consulting the person in question, we form an opinion about them and then blame them.

If I werent a part of it, I would have had a hearty laugh at seeing such a state of the affairs.

I don’t exclude that we do create problems for others but just think, can't we just reduce the problems that we create for ourselves. Wouldn’t it reduce so much burden?

Seriously, it is like when there is no problem in the world, we just think of something that has occurred long back, we will rethink it to an extent to make it appear like an active volcano. What is the point of it?

Quite honestly, I don’t intend to profess anything with this post. All I really want is to share this beautiful thought that I read and let you infer what you wish to take from it.

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