Monday, November 24, 2008


Well while talking to my friend - Shinjan (Tannu), I thought of something...and trust me the thought is just too sweet! And the thought is - that you don’t really need to be a poet or for that matter of fact even an author, for writing a poem or prose...All you truely need is the feeling - if you can feel can definitely pen it down!

So the core of the discussion is that feelings can sometimes be so strong that you don’t even realize that you have gone far with them without even knowing and trust me this is the best thing I love about feeling anything!

I feel indeed I think with my heart only…whatever’s there in my heart comes on my face or through my mouth…someone told that its not good to feel so much…and we must all think but little bit only. But you see I don’t agree to this at all!

I mean I agree sometimes taking something to the heart can be dreadful and you feel so bad…and tears fall but you see those tears are also so special… If those tears weren’t in my eyes…possibly I wont ever be able to measure the extend of happiness to its true sense! It is honestly because that we feel bad that we can measure the happiness and live it to its fullest… and trust me – try that! It works… When we cry, all sadness goes outta your heart and all that is left behind is the beautiful memories which are only yours and no one can take them from you… when we cry, we aren’t being weak, we are just purifying memories!!!

Emotions are so sweet! I read somewhere –

“love someone and see how beautiful the world is… be loved by someone and see how wonderful things are!”

And this is really true…there is nothing better than liking someone – try it…you are owner of your own will and so you can like anyone… I like atleast 50 – 100 people in this world. More than half of them don’t even know me (but I like them cause I know they are good people) but you see by merely liking them things have changed drastically…

Say is you are a Harry Potter fan…you tend to celebrate 31 July…it gives you one more day to celebrate…to be happy on and loads more…so when you like someone, you tend to share all their happiness to the equal amount but your tears get shared and lesser…

Well…anyways, all I wanna say is that next time you think you wanna feel something go ahead… and if you are feeling something…take a pen and do whatever you can with it – write an article, blog entry, poem or maybe just an abstract…and I can bet it will be the most beautiful thing you would have ever seen… And in case you don’t feel it today…then see anyone around you whom you meet often – friends, relatives, aunts, uncles, teachers…or anyone and observe them… how they are so different and eventually see that they are good people… you can this way make a new frnd almost each day!

So -> stop thinking…and start feeling!!

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