Friday, March 20, 2009

Bakra Qistoin Par

I donot know if many of you have heard of this but in case you haven't, trust me you must! First of all, I know the image isnt anything appealing but trust me the play is very much worth watching...
Bakra Qistoin Pe was the first play that I ever watched.. though on a CD... but yes it will always be my favourite. I havent got enough words to tell about it!
Its just nothing but story about a family. A man who is forgetful, his wife - a little hyper, his 3 daughters and they searching for grooms and ofcourse the servant and the 3 groom families. Its just routine but still it is some how so hillarious that today that even though I remember all the dialoges by heart, I know what will come next, yet it is one thing I love to watch and each time I watch it, I never get bored... but I laugh even more!!
Moreover, I would like to add that some topics taken in the play are very good - like India - Pakistan hate thing. This is so mean. I mean when you see the play, you will see that Indians are so popular there and those people have no hatred for us but still just hatred between few power holders show us as enemies. When you see them, you see their lifestyle is very much like ours. Some traditions or language may vary but the values and basic mentality is same. We are all same... still!!
And ofcourse if I dont take this topic... I will not be doing any justice -> The laughter package. I must compliment the actors. They are simply wonderful!
Umer Shariff - all I can say is that he can make anyone laugh. There is no match for him that I know. A very very very fine actor and his dialoge delivery is just too amazing. Hats off...
The guy who play Anand Sharma... thats the only little match for Umer Shariff... this guy is so charming and so gifted. His dialoges are amazing and the way he speaks in different accents.. I am just a die hard fan!
Next is Sharfu the servant played by Rauf Lala... what do i say... he is simply hillarious...!!
Other some really complimented actors were the rest of the cast...
Trust me... this is one thing to be watched!

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