Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something worth reading..

Well this really aint a poem.. its just what I read in a friend's scrapbook.. these are few lines.. and I dont have an idea if she even wrote them herself or copied them from somewhere but I find them really beautiful... its her way of defining someone special to her.. and I would really want these lines to be in my blog...

saansein teri
ye mann bhi tera
palkoin par meri
hai sapna tera

le chal tu apne saath
jahan mile din raat
chal lungi ant tak
tham le tu jo mera haath

door se tujhe dekhti hoon
bas yehi sochti hoon
kash ye pal tham jaaye
nazaroin mein tera aks jam jaaye
phir dekhti hoon
tujhe dekhte hue
sharm se tab ye palke jhuk jaaye
kuch der mein, jab tu mujhe dekh kar hase
sach kahun,teri hasi mein ye dil jhoom jaaye
sab dard, sab gham bhula kar
us pal mein bas hum reh jaaye
waqt na chale
saansein bhi jam si jaaye
bas tu aur teri aankhein dikhe
jo tere jaane ke baad...
zindagi bhar ke liye
yaadein ban jaaye!

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