Monday, March 16, 2009


I know it's probably the most weird thing to do... but it's the fact that there are some people in my life that I will never forget. They shall always be my best friends no matter whatever happens.

Well Shivangi Raheja... is probably my best friend for ever... we arent talking today but I know she is there to listen no matter how ever far we are and I even know that she knows I am there to listen to her!

Its very difficult to write about Shivangi. She's one person who believes in everything that I believe in. She understands my thoughts and there are times when I donot need to add words either. I may be speaking 'gibberish' but I know she will always know what I mean. And its nothing to know, its like, I have seen her understand.

She is one of the things that I have earned in this school and I know that I shall never forget her. This school will definitely be special for it gave me a friend... much more than a friend... a sister!

When I first came to this school, Shivangi was just part of the girls in my class. There was a big group of girls and all appeared same to me at first. Later, then when we came to 9th, just we 6 girls from one section came to this IX - B... and we all would stick together and be together always. And thats probably when me and Shivangi came to know each other more.

There's nothing much to know about Shivangi. My friend is as simple as anything. Always smiling, and indeed laughing, confused, clumsy... hair tied into a pony and in winters a full sleeve sweater, sleeves pulled up. Thats Shivangi!

Shivangi also gave me of my best priced possession. I cannot thank her enough to make me meet some of the best people I have. Its her that I met Lalit maam, Sudhakar sir and Aditya. Thanks to her. About these people later... but trust me these people are really sweet!
Well.. further.. later things changed!
Dont know why Shivangi went distant... she lost her own nature-ness. Firstly she started being not herself donno why... Still later she was back for some time with my 'Rajeev Jeeju'... I shall never forgive her for giving me such a handsome hunk as a jeeju (Rajeev Khandelwal)... thats another story some other time...
Anyways, today me and Shivangi never talk. We just pass each other and stare with blank eyes... I just know one thing, whenever I see her laugh, I feel happy. I donot need to talk to her; just knowing she is fine is enough. And as far as she is concernt... I know she will always know how I am...
I just pray that everyone gets a friend like Shivangi in their lives... She to me is just like Spring after along winter... she is the friend you can desire for!
Shivangi.. just one thing.. I donot know you read it or not but I want to tell you that you are the sweetest person I know. I will call you a friend till the day I live and I just hope you find back your original beauty.. I like you the way you were... changing yourself for someone is not right... however, I even like you the way you are and I hope you get all you want in your life... you get all your desires and be really happy!


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