Friday, March 13, 2009

Great things come in small packages

You know something... some of the best things in life are totally free... dont believe it rite?

"They say that good things take time.. but really great things happen in a blink of an eye"

Well you can see for yourself... parents, friends, luck, life, love, care, warmth, affection, talent, brilliance... these are all free... God has given everyone equal amount of these and also equal opportunity to everyone to grasp these to the maximum... now its entirely to us how much we make use of them or how fast are we at the art of learning them... and trust me thats all what makes the difference...

But you know that we, humans are really forgetful... A person once qouted to me that 'change is the only thing permanent in this world and still we resist it the most'... similarly... there are all the happiness of the world in store around us but we never want to look... indeed we look at distances to find happiness and satisfaction...

And somewhere it really hurts to see people being so ignorant. I know I am being all to philosophical and stuff but as this blog is just for what I feel.. therefore nowdays, all I feel is that we really dont look around us and in searching far away, we miss some of the very beautiful things in life!

Daily... or say 5 days a week, I see a father wait for his son after the school gets over and when the son arrives, the father doesnt speak a word for he has his friends or collegues along but the way the father puts a hand on his son's back - always... the way the father will wait for minutes or go the other way then the one that is suitable just to meet his son or the way he smiles when his son is with him... is really admirable and if you ever get a chance to talk to the father... he is a very proud father. He has full trust on his son and often gives examples of his son to even students elder to his son. I really love it when I listen the father tell about his son for that time his words arent mere words... he speaks out his pride, his love for his son, his happiness and above all father-hood... This is something I call beautiful but you know what half of the people in this world donot have even few minutes in their so much busy schedule to listen to a father... and even if they do, they find this waste or boosting. Its sad to see people have lost the sight to differentiate between love and boosting!

Today itself I was talking to my teacher and I told him that I was upset that he isnt gonna teach us anymore and can you believe what he told me? I donot believe it myself... he told that he will be there always and if I get clear through my entrance, he will most glad! This dude (sir) earns more than a lakh per month... owns a nice car... 2 cell phones... some of the finest men clothing I have ever seen... but still what really I respect about him is that he is so sweet and down to Earth... He will listen to you even if you are in a shouting crowd of 100 and not just you... he will listen to all 100... He helps through whatever problems you share with him... and I mean I told him today that people like you are hard to find and I did mean it! I dont think I will meet sweet people like him often... He said that even years later if I need help, he will be there and I know this is true!

See I dont really mean to bore anyone with stories about people I know, I just wanted to share that somethings that we dont see or ignore are beautiful and these are the only things which are beautiful in this world! And I will just say that I am very lucky indeed to have known such people or been in such situations... Thank You God and I do pray that all people do see these beautiful things... for if they do, their search for peace, beauty and stuff will be over. These small things are all that constitutes the world... and to be frank I am hell sure I would have had a nervous breakdown till now if it wasnt for such small smiles that keep me going on!

Well not making it too long... I just want you all to see around yourselves and I am sure you shall find millions of smiles in just one turn!


Priya_rose said...

yes most important things in life do come free and we should not forget it

Luna Lovegood said...

I agree and exactly the thing I wanted to tell!

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