Hindi Tongue Twisters

Here are some Hindi Tongue Twisters I found on net with their meanings... Hope you like them :P


madan, mohan, malveya madras mein machhli maarte maarte mare


Chaar Kachari Kachche Chacha,
Chaar Kachari Pakke.
Pakki Kachari Kachche Chacha,
Kachchi Kachari Pakke!


Raja Gope Gopal Gopaggam Daas

personal name


ek ooncha oont hai, poochh oonchi oont ki, poochh se bhi oonchi kya, peeth oonchi oont ki


Khadak Singh ke khadakane se khadakati hain khidkiyan, khidkiyon ke khadakane se khadakata hai Khadak Singh.


Jo hase ga wo fase ga.
Jo fase ga wo hase ga.


Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ko chandni-chowk
mein chaandi ki chammach se chatni chackaee.


Samajh samajh ke samajh ko samjho.
Samajh samajh ke samajh ko samajhna hi samajh hai.
Jo samajh ko samajh kar bhi na samajhe
Voh....kya hai? Nasamajh hai.


Chacha ne chachi ko Chandni Chonk me chandi ke chamach se chatni chatai!


kaccha papad, pakka papad.


mar ham bi gaye, marham ke liye, marham na mila. ham dam se gaye, hamdam ke liye, hamdam na mila


uth unchi,
uth ki pheet unchi,
phoonch uth ki unchi


Ente sanchi, chanthayil thaicha sanchi


rakshi shaktishali shasak


Dubey dubai mein doob gaya


tola ram tala tol ke tel mein tul gaya
tula hua tola tale ke tale hue tel mein tala gaya


nazar nazar me har ek naraz me hume us nazar ki talash thi. wo narazar mili to sahi par us nazar me ab wo nazar kahan thi.


samjh samjh ke samjh ko samjho..samjha samjhna
bhi ek samjh hai..samjh samjhke jo na samjhe ..meri samajh me wo na samajh hai!


Kaka ae kaki ne kashmir no kabat mathi kachi keri no kachumber kadhi kadhva kahnyu.


faalse ka faasla


Unth uncha, Unth ki peeth unchi. Unchi poonchh unth ki.

Rough Translations

  1. Madan, Mohan and Malveya got killed while trying to kill fish in Madras.
  2. Four fritters (Kachari) are half-cooked uncle. Four fritters are well-cooked. The well-cooked fritters are half-cooked uncle. The half-cooked fritters are well-cooked!!!!
  3. There is a tall camel, the tail of the camel is high, more than the tail, the back of the camel is higher.
  4. When Khadak Singh shakes, the windows shake; when the windows shake, Khadak Singh shakes.
  5. He who laughs will get trapped. He who gets trapped will laugh.
  6. Chandus' uncle asked Chandus' aunt to taste a pickle with the help of a silver spoon at Chandni-chowk.
  7. Understand wisdom by wisdom. Understanding wisdom by being wise is true wisdom. Who does not understand wisdom even after understanding it, He is...what? Unwise.
  8. Uncle fed auntie at Chandni Chonk with a silver spoon!
  9. Uncooked papadum, cooked papadum.
  10. I died because I needed some ointment for my wounds and I did not get it. I died because I yearned for my beloved and I could not get her.
  11. (?)
  12. My bag, stitched at the market
  13. ruler with demonic powers
  14. Dubey drowned in Dubai.
  15. Based on traditional legend dedicated to my grandfather Tola Ram who made it posible.
  16. (?)
  17. (?)
  18. (?)
  19. distance of just a small cherry like fruit
  20. Camel is high, Camel's back is high. Tail of the camel is high.

thnks to - http://www.uebersetzung.at/twister/hi.htm


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