Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I <3 you more than life itslelf!!

10 more minutes to the day I await the entire year...!!!

You know Shona.. I hold you most dear.. I know you dont like me.. and to be correct. you hate me :( but as a matter of fact.. I tried all my heart and soul.. but I cant just stop liking you.. and this likeness grows day by day..

You came across to me as a 5 year old to another 5 year old.. one with whose tears I could relate.. you cry.. I cry... and no doubts.. you were really cute :D :D

and.. then.. when I came back to my roots.. I realised that you were one of the very few whom I remembered.. and then slowly and slowly.. things got inter connected.. I discovered we got connected roots.. its just fate or destiny or whatever you may wanna call it...

I dont know why am so crazy about you.. but I know you hear what my heart speaks.. I feel blessed all the time.. when I look at the sky.. I can almost see God smiling... and every time I feel troubled or I feel am stuck in something.. I call you.. I call your name.. even before God's and trust me.. this is my little secret but my requests have always been answered.. I maynot have received what I had asked for.. but I got a million times more..

I smile seeing you.. your voice fills my evenings.. I like when you look at me or appear to do so.. when you smile.. this world looks a million more times lovelier...

At times I feel OMG.. I am stuck up on a circular mass which can freeze or boil anyday in between nothingness.. and you know all it takes it remembering you.. and I feel alot more safe.. secure!!!!!

All I want to say is.. I got NO COMPLAINTS.. NO CONDITIONS.. NO DEMANDS! I just want you to stay happy today and always.. and yes Healthy too :P and please try and not hate me :(

Thanks for making me what I am... I see you.. see you as a lot better than I am or I ever was or will be and I try and try till I can to be some part of good that you are.. and it works!! People say I am good... :P :D

Thank You for everything!
Happy Birthday

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