Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Learn Hindi..

Okie... I know 90% of the people will think I am doing advertisement for some Hindi Learning course.. but that is not the case...
I am sure you all catched the 'Tata Sky Active English' ad where a lady tells 'main jab bhi english speaking.. har baar mera kachra hoing.. pata nahi why par log hasing... (to)... now when I speak in english people look at me and say wow Mrs Sharma what command over the language and what pronounciation.. to which I politely say I beg your pardon its not pronounciation.. its pronunciation'

See I saw it so many times that I learnt it :P
Well then.. one day I was watching DaVinci Code movie online.. hindi dubbed.. and my mother was in some mood for humour and my mum said how are they speaking in Hindi? and I dont know why.. but I replied - they learnt it on Tata Sky :P

and the joke carried on in my house for the rest of the evening.. I didnt even watch the movie completely :P

So me and my dad wrote the words for the 'alvida aasmaan chust hindi seva' hahaha..
hope you people like it..

and yes.. this is one take shot.. the words are beyond the lipsing.. but please bare.. :P

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