Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dil ko mere deewana kar dala...

Okie...this is dedicated to someone...a person whom I donno why I feel for! But I hope one of you might be able to temme after reading this!

Definitely, one day I will tell you all about him in a better way but for now all I want to tell is that I just met a person completely opposite to me and we talked...actually argued...alot! And slowly what I realised was that he isnt completely opposite to me but he is so similar to me that it felt like seeing myself in a mirror...

Sharing same believes, thoughts, faiths, actions... is not the only thing... we almost share the same destiny! And above all - we think the same for each other - scary isnt it??

Well see, I accept that I am a very childish person but I really cant help it...I love the way I am! I have my own beliefs and faiths and trust me you cant shake them... and there are times (many times) when I do get hurt... I get shattered... hopes die and what not because I tend to get rigid with my faiths and beliefs but thats completely fine with me. I mean even when in depression, I have learnt to seek a way out...
Now this guy who is scarely just my masculine part - I guess too went through all this. And he thought a solution which I donot disagree that even I use sometimes - to change yourself completely.

Yes there are times when I forget myself completely to get adjusted with people or just remain silent as to disapproave things even when you cant help them happening bt I am not at all strong enough to have a permanent change...but this guy is!
He has changed himself completely and I hate this. He is amazing even today but changing yourself for anything isnt done!

Now the problem with me is - I cant help thinking of this guy. Though he has violated 2 of my very strong wala beliefs...still! No idea why do I find him good...

Its actually like in the picture above...hes a shadow...
One of the best people I happen to know in my life and tell you a secret - I argue alot with him... and I see changes! And am so thrilled about it... he has started to say things contradictory to those said by him earlier... I donno why am I doing it... well am doing it cause my heart says so...and why my heart says idea!

To be honest - all I can say is - he is a wonderful person to know and one person that I will never forget in my whole life! God Bless him!


Ps : When I say I love him I mean I love him as a person! Love to me has a 1000 meanings atleast. This is one of them. Here love means I love listening to him, talking to him, helping nt waisa wala like Romeo felt for Juliet! :)


ika said...

Hi shruti it's me Ika. :)

I've started to read your blog from beginning and really enjoying it. :) I'm really touched with this topic of yours, because somehow, deep down, I feel connected to it. Because I've been through the situation, but the thing is I did not only felt myself in your shoes but I've also been in that guy's shoes.

I've seen one of my friend changing and permenent change, which I could not cope with and was really hurt.

But now from the past year and half I've myself changed ALOT and by that mean almost completely. I have became a whole new person; first I couldn't recognise myself, in mirror I used to see me but still not me!

But you know after I've changed, I've became a better person, I can feel it and even people who know me say this. I've changed myself in order to make my life and people I care for their life better. All the changes occured in me are not all of them good but majority of them were positive and now made me positive aswell.

A girl who used to cry on smallest thing is now brave enough to handle the most difficult situations she have been through. And what i've been through recently, to be honest, if I was changed then I wouldn't be able to handle it.

We all change Shurti, we all change; for good, for bad. And trust me when changes occur they stay for forever, even if they are locked inside your heart, unnoticed or they are visible. But they do stay with you!

*hehe.. hope did not bore you with my "lecture". :P"

Ika :)

Luna Lovegood said...

Firstly u didnt bore me at all.. I loved it that u said so!!

And I do recognise u.. why wouldnt I??

Well.. I knw I am too sensitive and it hurts at times bt I know one more thing.. I can kill evn when it comes on the things I cherish - my friends, family and my really lovable possessions..

Changes... well I knw I have changed and the only problem in my life is that I react very badly to changes.. bt I am sure with frnds like u.. I will be fine..

and I am so glad u are positive.. u knw nothing in life is difficult.. wen in grade 1.. we found addition tough.. now in 12th we find calculus tough.. bt addition easy.. its just we have known addition since long... we dnt fear addition even though we make most mistakes in simple addition...
thts how life is.. a small thing may hurt u the most bt it doesnt matter as long as u see it in a positive way..

so be glad!!

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