Saturday, October 11, 2008

A tribute to Professor

Treasures untold...
treasures one hold...
quest to reach
a treasure precious than Gold.
striving through the darkness
through the blur skies
deep into the secrets
in where the Draconian Devil resides
the powers of Mother Earth
had never been se pure
came, to help us himself
the almighty God -
"Wonders lie beneath you,
of treasures unknown
future is uncertain,
but your good deeds lay sown!"
Oh! Lame Saint
father of heaven,
illuminate the path
reaching to our destination.
With angels quiding you,
and a will to know,
you have made you way
to where, even uncertainity bows.
A truth is revealed,
hence a secret broken
solves the mystery;
our something's stolen!
The journey doesnt end...
you stand where you started
a new path lay hidden again...
...treausres untold
treasures one hold
quest to reach...
a treasure precious than Gold.

...written by (me) Luna Lovegood on 28th May 2007

Well, the poem is really dear to me and if you have read Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series, you shall know what I talk of. This poem is exclusively dedicated to Robert Langdon whom I call Professor and ofcourse to the genious behind another - Dan Brown.
Hats off to the two!


s.kaniff said...

Good to see u start a bolg.. :)

Luna Lovegood said...

thnks! and you spelled blog incorrectly :P
bt really I never thought you would comment...specially on this

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