Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Start of something New!

Well...I opened this blog nearly a month back and if you browse through, I have posted things as well - poems that I wrote (by fluke) and also part of the article I want the world to see but you know today I went through a blog of a friend and realised that my blog needs to be something more than just collection of things by should be my thoughts and not just those which I want to share but also those which I dont mind sharing! :P :)

And I am...trying to start a new thing - writing things I strongly feel for - and trust me there are hundreds of them!

Thoughts - well to say about them - I love thinking and trust me the whole world knows it! hahaha... I think about almost everything - social causes, politics, stories, events and above all people... I simply must say that I love thinking and analysing people. No I am no pschycologist and I cannot read minds (like some people can) but till date I havent made a wrong conclusion about someone. If I say a person is good then he / she is good no matter what the thing is! Now thats a different thing that there is a guy about whom I havent made mind but for the rest of the world this stands true...

Lets not make this too long and I just hope that all my thoughts could help someone or other and if I could make any difference, in any manner to any one...I will be really happy!

Love and Regards

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