Monday, July 20, 2009

Jingle Time Lolzz..

Now, there are many who dont need to be told how much I love Harry Potter (character...) (Ps - this was sarcastic!)So here are some of my favourite songs, remixed and dedicated to Harry Potter the rotter -- Enjoy!!

karti hoon jab usse baatein... lagta hai rone wala hai..

jab Hermoine usse chup karwaye, lagta hai rules todne wala hai

par raatoin ko wohh jaage, exams se door bhagena jaane

Hogwarts mein kaise badh jaata hai aage

My dil goes ewww.. ewww.. eww (added by Sneha :P)

Harry toh paagal hai... Harry toh bandar hai

upar neeche jhaadu ghoomata hai yehi

aage peeche ladki ke bhaagta hai

Prof Snape ko zabardasti bura banata hai yehi

saari problems hai iski, sujhata ye nahi

Harry paagal hai.. Harry bandar hai...

Quidditch khela toh padhna kya

jab quidditch khela toh padhna kya

Quidditch khela, main hoon youngest sneeker,

quidditch khela

quidditch khela, main hoon youngest sneeker,

haara nahi main match koi

jab quidditch khela toh padhna kya

jab quidditch khela toh padhna kya

tujhe dekha toh ye jaana Harry

ki hote hain wizards aise bhiitne aalsi,

padhai mein itne peeche

sirf baatein karein aur quidditch khele...

bikhare baal tere,

dimaag khali tera,

lage fuse bulb sa, mujhe scar tera...

potions nahi aate,

transfugation seekhi nahi...

jab Hermoine hai...

Ron ke saath ki sirf harkate badi...

kabhi detention mein nahi the,

kabhi quidditch pitch pe

aadhe time hospital mein...

aadhe baathroom mein!

Ps : none of them are meant as anything rude or stuff... we all have our choices and mine ISNOT Harry definitely...
I am sorry if u find them anywhere offensive

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