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Dr. Cabbie : Movie Review

Okay... Firstly, if you have not heard about this, let me tell you. Dr. Cabbie is a movie. It is financed
bu Salman Khan and you might have heard about it because it stars Isabelle Kaif, Katrina's younger sister. I came across this movie a little differently. It stars Kunal Nayyar, Rajesh Koothrapalli of The Big Bang Theory. Initially, I thought that he was the protagonist but he is not. However, I am really glad that I got to know about the movie.

The movie started with Deepak (Vinay Virmani) who graduates as a doctor from Delhi. He then travels to Canada where his Uncle lives. He wants to help people as his father was a doctor and is now decreased. He and his mother travel there. Despite trying hard, he couldnot get a job. That is when he meets Tony (Kunal Nayyar) who is a Cabbie there. Tony suggests Deepak could become a Cabbie too. At first, Deepak is too adamant of trying to be a doctor only but when he is forced to work at his Uncle's restaurant, doing a lot of misdeeds.
Deepak finally calls Tony and agrees to be a Cabbie. Tony has a special friend Simone (Isabelle Kaif). When Deepak meets the cab contractor, he realizes that the man was ill and Deepak gives him some consultation. On his first day on the streets, he has a hard time finding the routes but he gives alot of useful advice to his first client.
Later that evening, a girl sits in his cab, whom he previously had seen in a Coffee Shop and had fallen in love with at first sight. However, he finds that the girl is pregnant. The three of them (Tony was also there) get stuck in a traffic jam while there is heavy rains outside. Tony and Deepak park the car somewhere side as Natalie (Adrianne Palicki - also, the one who played Jessie in Supernatural, which I just found out!) is going to deliver the baby. Deepak delivers the baby and Tony shoots the whole thing and puts it online. Natalie and Deepak become hit overnight. Deepak gets popular as Dr. Cabbie.
Deepak and Natalie grow close. On the other hand, Natalie was in a relationship with a rich guy who was a future prospect of the state mayor. His dad was a very powerful person who wanted to strong his son's candidature and thus forces him to reconcile with Natalie.
Deepak takes Natalie to his home and they both become close. One day, Deepak finds a muslim girl attempting suicide and he talks her out of it and gives her anti-depressants which were apparently banned in that country. The girl attempts suicide, later, using those anti-depressants. There is a case against Deepak which is fueled by Natalie's ex.
Natalie, who is a lawyer by profession but had to work as a waitress after getting pregnant, takes back to being a lawyer and takes Deepak as her first client. A lot of people come and tell that Deepak had been nothing but service to the community. He is finally announced as not-guilty for all other charges except giving illegal drugs. But then, Natalie marries Deepak, not for the visa but so that she can travel with him. The judge decides not to deport Deepak back. And then we have a happy ending!!

Okay, I was really eager to see this movie and quite honestly, I really loved it.

You see, it is such a simple and beautiful story. It is very imaginable. It is about something that you can really see happening to people and nothing superfluous.  Moreover, there is a scene where Deepak tells the court that he did all this because of the Oath which asks him to be true to his
profession regardless of anything.

For me the catch was definitely Kunal Nayyar. To see him in such a different avatar from his usual Rajesh, is a wonderful feeling. Here, he was a total devil-may-care person and was paired alongside Simone. He spoke bits of 'Hindi' and acted a total playboy. He even looked so different! 

Another great surprise for me was Adrianne. I thought I did know her but when I found out that she was in Supernatural... wow! Amazing feeling!

It is a very simple movie with very real life characters and still I would recommend that people should watch it!!

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