Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 01, 2015 #365

There is nothing better in life than to talk your heart out to a friend. I did that... for more than an hour. A friend who is far away but someone who will always be in the heart.

Okay, wait... let me rewind a little...

I had a good time today. We had a small treat at office and I sang in front of so many people. Good thing was -
a) I can sing again
b) I was happy
c) I sang in front of so many people

And then on the journey back...
I dialed to a friend. I met him 4 months back and we spent 3 months together (away from both our homes) in a totally stranger city. The thing is, this friend, that I would fondly call 'Shelly', after the great legendary - Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory, as this friend is also that witty, is equally addictive. Once you know him, it is impossible to not like him and want to be near him. He is nearly infectious. Lolz.

Anyways, so I called him as he had called in the morning to wish for New Years and I couldn't speak to him. So, I called him and I spoke to him.

It was magical.

I spoke like we had never parted for different cities. He spoke like he is still here... catching me on my small - small habits, like lying :P, hating his flat-mate :P and the bike.

You knows, some people are not there in your life for any reason but just to make you realize how beautiful your life is. Their simplicity reflects your own joys that you had hidden deep within you and forgotten about. Shelly, is one such friend.

He is simple and very funny. He can make you laugh off bad with a fall of a pin. And at the same time he is very sincere and hard-working. And at the same time he knows how to really have fun. This is such a rare combination. In many people you will not even find one... very few are blessed to have two but someone with three and I know him, I am blessed!

When I spoke to him, it was a wonderful feeling. I am really glad that I spoke to him on the first day of the year. It was an 'awesome' beginning.

I feel that I started writing on the first page of the notebook with 365 blank pages, with a good quill, I hope the rest of the story is equally 'awesome' :D

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