Sunday, January 4, 2015

An Ideal Husband

Yesterday, I was watching 'Khichdi' television series. It is an Indian Comedy Series and trust me, it is
definitely at par with the world popular sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, is not more. The only thing is that as Hindi aint spoken world-wide, therefore, it still is not famous.

Anyways, so you need to know a very little about the show right now. It is about a Gujarati family which is unique in their own way. They have very different mannerisms from the rest of the world and are very happy in the way they are. They are totally insane and will drive you crazy. However, you can not help loving them. All of the characters are just too sweet and innocent. They can do stupid things but never hurt a single person, not even by mistake.

So... yesterday, when I was seeing the show, I just told my mother that when she would find a guy for me, she should find someone like Prafful. Prafful and Hansa are the total show stealer. They are a total brainless couple and in all the sense, complete each other. They love each other, with all their flaws and most importantly, they love each other for their flaws. They can not live without each other. So only I told my mum to find me a guy like him.

You know, their love story may not involve a lot of romance or going to exotic locations but that is nor love. Their love story includes going to jail together as they can't live without one another. Their love is about Prafful buying gajras for Hansa because she loves them, DAILY. Their love is about the two of them playing antakshari and
singing medleys of Bollywood songs, dedicating to each other. Their love story is about Prafful defending Hansa even before she speaks for herself. Their love story is about Hansa telling that her biggest achievement is marrying Praful. Their love story is about not doing anything but just staying there together.
You know, you should just see the way they look at each other. The way they would give gestures even when the other person is speaking. They would look at each other before laughing or any other emotion. And even after so many years of their marriage, they have that pure tender love. They even think the same. For the same situation, both of them would think the same stupid thing. And they would understand each other even without a word.

I mean, of course I would want to do job and not sit idle all day... but if you ask me what kind of love story I want - I want to marry a guy I adore and that he too would adore me. He should love me not with my flaws but for my flaws. He should laugh at my stupid jokes and complete my songs. He should buy me novels to read and yet read me a story before bed. I don't want him to be the prince but I want him to pamper me as a princess - his princess.

Khichdi, has a total crazy family but
they all love each other so much. Their love for one another is just unconditional. They know the world hates them or is afraid of them but they don't care. Instead, they are so engrossed in each other that they hardly have anytime to think of what the world has to say.

To me, Praful is definitely the ideal husband. He sees Hansa to be the most pretty lady on the planet. He accepts her for who she is and loves her that way. He never forces her for anything and never is irritated by her. Hansa is very much dependent on Praful to know everything. She is naive and innocent and more importantly, has a huge problem with understanding English. She would ask him a thousand times about the different words in English and everytime he would smile and explain it to her. He would play with her. He would go with her everywhere. He would sing her songs and buy her gifts. And the most adorable thing that I found in him, he is too proud to call her his! 'Meri Hansa' !!

Inshallah, someday I will find my Praful ;)

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