Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year Resolution : 2015

I thought this time no resolution at all! You see, every year, I think of a resolution. For the last few days of the going year, I fuss over what should be the resolution and what should not be... and then on the Day 1 (like today), I keep that resolution... and then what?

I can't even remember what my resolution was for 2014!! That is bad!

Therefore, I said - no resolution this year!

But then, I felt extremely good today. I was at work and there was a colleague who was sitting beside me. She was doing the same work and me and therefore, we did the work together. The ease with which she was doing, made me feel so good. Because when I was doing it all alone, I was so confused and nervous that it made me feel that I did not know a thing. Today, I felt I am not completely useless :P

Back to the topic... when I felt good, I thought hard and found out that the real reason behind the random happiness is that I am learning something. I am gaining knowledge.

You see, people always say that we work so hard at our jobs but don't get paid for it. Guys, common. Just look at it the other way. You are gaining so much knowledge. You might not realize it but you are learning so much. It makes us such a better person altogether. That knowledge is something that can not be afforded !!

Then, I changed my thought.

Everyday, I am going to try and learn. I will talk, have fun and enjoy but I will learn more.

This is my resolution and I hope I fulfill it.

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