Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dekh Bhai Dekh

No I donot mean the movie which went sooner from the theaters with a speed more than that of light... but I mean a show.. I saw when I was small and I love seeing it whenever I could get a chance...

A show produced by Jaya Bachchan and directed by Anand Mehendroo... Dekh Bhai Dekh is a total crazy family comedy! It shows a joint family where every member is unique. They are all different but are bonded together with great love bonds. The love keeps them together and is their strength.

Nowdays, when we dont see joint families... or the ones there are filled with disputes, in that case a family which teaches us to live together and in perfect piece - this is what Dekh Bhai Dekh brought for us!

The family consists of Durgadas Diwan and wife Sarla. Their two sons are married and have two children each. The story is about these 10 family members, their servant Gareema and later Gareeba, the friends of the children, neighbours and Priya (who is a special kind of neibour)

DurgaDas Diwan - He is a retired Judge. He has attained the ultimate wisdom of life - that living simple is the only way to be satisfied. He is a very simple person. He likes to fill in the crossword daily and sends it regularly. The rest of the day he spends playing with his grandchildren and their friends. He loves his wife alot and shows it in his own way. Though he can be independent but he likes to be dependent on his wife so she takes care of him. He often visits with his wife to her meetings and functions.

Sarla Diwan - She is simple and sweet. She spent her life being a good home - maker and now when she got two brides for her sons, she spends her time doing social work - genuine social work. She uses her time not to find any faults in her daughter in laws but is more focused in making some difference. She is like a mother figure to her daughter in laws. Sometimes she too is a child like but mostly she is a little strict. She is the one holding the family together in a lovely bond!

Balraj Diwan - The elder son. He is a quite person. He sees his crazy family quietly from a corner. He can at times be very childish and unlike his usual self - but that is only at times. Other times, he is a sincere worker in office. He loves his wife very much but never says it. Though he doesnt hide it either. The rational thinker of the family whom children do fear but love alot too! He is totally dependent on his wife for he is little forgetful but tries to make up for it as much as he can.

Suhasini Diwan - Balraj's wife. She is the typical Indian woman and runs a beauty parlor. After her mother in law, she hasnt left any stone unturned to keep the family together and happy.She sees that everyone is happy and get whatever they want. Running a beauty parlor makes her independent but never makes her forget her duties. She fears for her family and thinks negative alot but at the end of the day she got just love in her heart!

Sameer Diwan - the younder son of DurgaDas and Sarla Diwan. He is a typical funny character. Good in business but with a totally funny personality. Funny things keep happening to him. He shares a great bond with every single member of the family and he is the reason for the happiness of them all. He is the first one to know any problem with anyone... for he caused many of them but also he is the first one to help. A great guy at heart. He loves his wife and is found mostly with the teenagers in his house.

Sunita Diwan - Sameer's wife. She is more innocent than anything. She is very talented and writes novels. She helps in the kitchen and makes up for everything Suhasini sometimes misses. She is the kind of character to spread love without anything to take from them...

Sahil Diwan - The character entered the show late.. about 20 episodes later but he was mentioned previously too. He is known to be a settled scientist in America. He is rich and innovative. However he is young and so gels along with the teenagers. He adds to the fun element...

Sanjay Diwan - Balraj's son and the eldest of the third generation. He is mostly confused. He loves Shilpa (his college mate). He is the kind of good hearted person who keeps helping everyone but is often stuck up. But being supported by such a sweet family, he got nothing to complain for.

Kirti Diwan - Balraj's daughter. She is good but a little short tempered. Gets irritated often. But very innocent and sweet. She is very good hearted and gets into others words often.

Vishal and Abha - They are Samir's children and the life of the family. They keep it rolling and happy. They are their grand-father's best friends.

Dingu - Sanjay's friend. He is sweet and good natured. He is a rockstar and loves music. And best is - he wears clothes just like Rakhi Sawant :P

Shilpa - Sanjay's love interest. She is good but very protective. so gets jealous often. Though she knows that Sanjay loves her.

Deepak - good studious guy who plays Kirti's love interest.

Priya - the main villian. She runs a parlor across the road and tries her best to beat Suhasini's parlor but no luck.

Gareema - the life of the house. He is indeed the soul. He makes sure everyone is happy and is a part of the family!

Ashish - their neighbour. is the age of Sanjay and Kirti and a very obedient Mummy's boy!

Other characters - Samir's sasumaa, Balraj's sasumaa, Daisy mausi, other mausi, Vishal and Abha's friend, Sanjay's friends......


pooja said...

Such a sweet post . was one of the best shows ever. you have written it perfectly,1 thing united they would make more shows like these.i loved each and every charectar so much. very nicely written;)

Luna Lovegood said...

thnkss :D
I luv the show too.. it was life.. nt like today's horrible saas bahu sagas

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