Sunday, March 14, 2010


MehranOkie.. well this is a very special message... Mehran.. sachi likhun toh there arent words enough to tell how great friend he has been in such little time. He listens to all my words though pretends not to and he does care... but yes its his special way of showing - by helping you out!!

I remember I had to drag him into Hogs.. and now he is the Head Boy.. the hogs thing makes me proud!

More than that.. he certainly is the kind of friend I think everyone needs to have.. he is the perfect friend material... outgoing.. wild.. musical.. studious.. funny... and the best part is he got no girlfriend and so he is always free for his friends!

In this very little time that we have been on facebook... Mehran has known me alot and same here... I love it when he teases me and trust me life seems dull and boring when he is away from net.. He teases me and stimulates others to do so too!! The perfect mischievous person!

And to him.. if I were to say.. I would just say.. keep making my life 'funnier' each day as it passes by.. I am so glad to have known you!! Be as you are - ALWAYS (I know I didnt need to tell this for you are in no mood to change!) ... keep Smiling.. Be Happy and Healthy and Safe!!

And yea.. try to know those giggling girls.. they arenot as irritating as you find them! Lolzz...

This is about him.. for the 'special message' label!

Now for people.. well trust me.. He is one of his kind.. I know people who are happy go lucky.. and others who can help you sort anything.. but no one who is both! He is a gem of a person.. just with little craziness for NOT LIKING ANY GIGGLING GIRL :P and MATHEMATICS :D :D

But honestly.. talking to him.. makes your day.. you forget your worries and see while I write I just feel - isnt he the perfect doctor thing?? :O The dockie who reads Twilight :D :D

And as far is the sci log part is there.. it is the biggest reason for the blog entry - Dockie.. trust me.. without you in my friend list lately.. I wouldnot have thought of science especially mathematics as much as I did.. so thank you for that! You always bring me things to work out and I love doing that... so thank you for the challenges and ofcourse all you have to tell which I dont know.. they just help me get better!!

And ofcourse.. sorry for stealing ur pic without telling u.. bt I had to do this... and mind u.. its takes too much to get into my blog.. you are LUCKY!

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