Friday, March 5, 2010

Song Reviews

Totally amazing and a fabulous song... I heard someone say why a movie in India like KANK be there?? or why 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' has to end with the girl going with her husband and not her love whereas in reality she would choose love over husband...
Pretty true.. and that's what she did in the movie.. Sameer went away... I know he wrote her letters and all but he could have come to meet her... he just disappeared and she got married... her husband brought her all the way to Italy and was so sweet to her...
At the end of the day.. she got the love she had lost loosing Sameer in her husband... so she was with her love!! It always doesnt need to be the long connect... it should be THE CONNECT to make a relation count!!

Anyways... just love this song... and very pretty saree Aish wears :P


Another pretty song.. its so beautifully written... just love the lyrics and the music.. especially the instrumental.. very pretty!!


Fine SRK may be the love hero... but Salman Khan is so sweet!! Just love him here...

this is the first song I found Aish luking pretty in.. and trust me... I have seen many Salman movies.. and even more love songs of his.. but the sparkle in his eyes that he has with Aish isnt there in any other.. AIsh should have really gone for love than status...


I really cried in this movie... and this was the song from where the crying started... very amazing song!!


THis can never be a good-bye song.. its so love filled... makes you grow more in love than actually say bbye!


Once a friend came to my place and we were discussing something and I said i dont cry with videos... and she said.. fine let me play the one with Nurav as a kid and you will cry!! Indeed to that video.. yes I will.. and this is another one..

I listen to this song atleast once a week and this is just amazing... Its definitely one of my all time favourites :D :D

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