Saturday, March 13, 2010


We are developing... We are going ahead... the Nuclear Deal... Delhi Metro... Common-Wealth Games, Hockey World Cup... these are a few things that make us proud - our measure of success. But what about all those others things we have turned a back to?

We are into a race.. a race that means to get ahead of the one ahead of you... but this race doesnot has any end... we really dont know where to stop.. or better put - we have left the finish line way back...

Yes we are talking of the country that gets 7 lakh engineers per year but not even 1 lakh of them will know the history of this land... not even one lakh would be even interested to know it. The ones who know their job.. will prefer to go abroad and make money - secure their lives. The country? Oh well.. we will leave it to the guys to get ahead in life because of money and one day after or near retirement, we shall switch on the Television and look at the news of the country into ruins and tell our spouse 'Those dogs ate our country away'

Bull Shit and total Fuck (sorry Shivangi I am gonna use this)... your country.. yea right.. my Dad says I am emotional and impractical when I say this stuff and so I have stopped saying this... but how can I forget what this country has done for me? Its the land of my birth and most of the people in my life are born here too.. this land nurtured them into the beings I know them as.. this land feeds me and them.. I owe it a big time.. AND DARE U SAY IT WAS THE DUTY OF THE LAND.... No It wasnt.. but the land (not only my country but any country) is great! Totally great.. just like a mother.. which never leaves the child or a guest hungry or unattended... That's why we call our country... our motherland...

But this is to happen... when we are loosing our own basic morals... how will this be prevented? Each generation is worse than the previous one and we are degrading. Loosing moral ways and true ethics. But why to worry about it? We got Harry Potter replacing our Vedas and PS instead of helping others...
So involved with our life... we never look at the young ones... parents often are both working. The kids have grown so different that taking care of their own grandparents is irritating and a burden. "No we dont need your advice Grandpa... cant you see you are old and out of fashion and we got our new brains... no Grandma.. your tales suck as much as the horrid food you ask us to eat... so just stick to your room..."

To avoid tensions.. parents often leave their parents into old age homes.. this is indeed a boon for the old age homes but turns a debacle for the society!

I know I am all criticizing and stuff and no real action from my side either but atleast I am trying my best to not worsen the situation and that is the only thing I plea. I dont want anyone to work towards it. I dont want to take pleasure and relax out of your life and ask you to speak against the wrong which shall put you and your family into trouble... but atleast dont be a part of the wrong... is it asking for much?

If we are progressing - as you call it - well then.. today I see India as a tree... which as bears more fruits and flowers, is cutting its own roots and unfortunately I havent seen any tree stand without its roots! Please stop... before we all fall hard

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