Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Alok Nath Memes #AlokNath #Sanskaari : Dutiya

I just had a friend read the previously posted memes on my blog and I felt a very urgent need to post a few more self-composed Alok Nath Memez.... ;)

Alok sir, we all love you and nothing is here to disrespect or dishonor you.

Alok Nath modified his Linux System Command Prompt to read : JaiMataDi>>

Alok Nath never accepts to do a movie unless he has more than 2 daughters for whom he can do Kanyadaan or 2 sons whose wives he betizones

Alok Nath is so sanskaari that he gifted a yellow saree (worn at Kanyadaan) on the 1st birthday of his neighbor's daughter

Alok Nath is banned from the ladies coach of any train for the reasons that he starts fixing up the girls to the guys in the other coaches.

Every night before sleeping Alok Nath writes a number on a piece of paper and sleeps with the paper under his pillow. The number represents the number of kanyadaans he wants to do the next day.

For Christmas, Alok Nath wants more daughters.

Alok Nath has no new year resolutions because Alok Nath is sad on New Years - there are no Kanyadaans that night

Alok Nath is designing a website for e-shaadi where there is a flash image of fire and a virtual Alok Nath distributing Aashirwaads and doing Kanyadaans.

Alok Nath knows that the reason why he is no longer highly talked on the internet because once again his sanskaars have aced over the world.

Alok Nath is so sanskaari that his wife had to raise his sehra on their wedding night.

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