Monday, January 27, 2014

Jai Ho

Sorry if you were looking for the movie review, this is definitely not the 'Movie Review'. This is more the thought review.

As most of you might already know, 'Jai Ho' is the Salman Khan's new movie (directed by Sohail Khan). Also, what some of you might or might not know is that this movie was initially rumoured to be named as 'Mental' or 'Mentalist'. The story behind the rumour is the interesting bit. The ideology is the theme behind the entire movie; the ideology to help others in order to make this world a better place to live in. But as better put by Salman Khan on Comedy Nights with Kapil, a person in today's world, with such an ideology, would be called 'mental'.

In the movie, Salman is a common person (with extraordinary physical strength) but the zeal to help everyone. He roams around with the spirit to help everyone he can and is only disheartened by the fact that more he helps someone, more people arise who need help. Of course, one person can never help the entire world and therefore, he spreads a thought. He helped save someone's child (<3 3.="" an="" and="" anyone="" ask="" asked="" can="" case="" citizen="" definitely="" each="" else="" entire="" he="" help="" him="" in="" more="" nation="" need="" no="" ordinary="" other.="" other="" p="" people="" serve="" sooner="" t="" thanked="" that="" the="" them="" they="" this="" those="" three="" to="" turn="" way="" we="" when="" won="" world="" would="">

Now, no wonder such a movie has NOT done wonders in the theatre. Quite honestly, most people seeing the movie are sure to call Salman's character as entirely fictional and someone who cannot survive in the real world scenario. If you ask me, a movie of this calibre, isnot meant to earn anything at the box office. It is a movie so that one person can urge crores of people at one shot to help others. Dear Sohail Khan sir (and makers of 'Stalin'), I am honoured that I am still living among people with your thoughts and ideologies. Your gesture has really inspired me. It is a wonderful movie to watch (and I am speaking about Stalin as well).

Until a few months or a couple of years back, I had the same problem. I would look around and see so many people who need help but there is no one to help. I wanted to help them all but being just little, I couldn’t. Then somebody told me that until and unless I help my own self, how could I help anyone else? Then further on my journey to become someone, I realized that we couldn’t change everyone. Indeed, we cannot change a single person, except your own self. The key, therefore, is to so the best you could without expecting anything. And this really helps!

While watching the movie, especially when Salman Khan (along with another one of my <3z -="" a="" alone.="" am="" are="" atleast="" emotion="" felt="" formulated="" frame="" helping="" i="" idea="" ideology.="" if="" in="" it="" know="" my="" not="" of="" one="" others="" overwhelming="" p="" profess="" recognize="" spread="" that="" the="" there="" to="" was="" weird="" who="">

Today, when everyone is hurting others, thinking about other's loss, when a person is happy over other's grief and not his own profit, when there is no one we can trust, when there is no sense of security… it is really nice when someone unexpectedly renders a helping hand. You know, when you need someone, and someone strange comes to help you, even if it is a little road direction, that is the best feeling. And you know what is even better - when you help someone, maybe as little as giving road directions, when they thank you. Having helped someone, when a complete stranger thanks you, or when you are helped by someone, the satisfaction that you get, these are the priceless things that are very rare today. Think about it - daily, we hurt so many people, cause so much distress, try spreading a smile once for a change.

Another wonderful thing that was highlighted in the movie, it's not that its just me, or a few like me that see the people who need help - most of us choose to ignore. We could be just busy or we don’t trust them to be genuine or we just simply 'mind our own businesses'. But, what if tomorrow you are the one who need help and the others choose to ignore or don’t think you are genuine or they all mind their own businesses? To this, I know you would reply with the fact that why do we need to help a complete stranger? We can just help a few people we would like to add to our 'Favour Bank' and then those people will be there to help us back… but then why are we restricting the number of people? I mean if you can help someone, what is wrong with that? Yes, I agree that there would be times when you try to help someone and in turn they ask you to keep off… or when people you help just believe in receiving, but there is a simple solution to this problem - it is only we expect that we fail to receive. Try to help someone just for helping them and don’t except. Yes, I know we are all humans and it is next to impossible to not expect. But it is only next to impossible, not impossible. If we try hard enough, I am sure we can achieve it.

And you know the best thing about this ideology? Your help need not be something huge… it just has to be a simple on someone's face… then it can be as little as just a kind word or it can be as huge as the riches of the entire universe. What amazes me is that how can something so huge could be so simple!

Jai Ho, definitely is NOT just a movie, it is a thought. The entire effort behind making the movie, is intended to leave a simple thought in the minds of all the audiences - why is it that we don’t help enough? Why is the gap between the rich and the poor, expanding? Why do we choose to ignore than to act?

After a long time, Jai Ho has helped me remember what all I was and how felt before time and age tamed me. Having said that, I would also add that I havent changed. Yes, the efforts are reduced or less aggressive but they havent died. I sincerely believe that being just a person, I cant help people to the extent that I will be able to, when I have made a place for myself in this huge world. And in the meanwhile, to an extent, I have learnt not to expect. Instead, I have learned to love - love everything that is around me love the beautiful gift that is life and everything that we are given along with it. We all often say that we didn’t bring anything in this world and we don’t take anything away from this world either - but this isnt correct. I was sent into this beautiful world along with all the senses that I require to relish it to the fullest. I have 2 eyes to show me all that is beautiful. I have 2 ears to listen to the music of the world. I have a mouth, so as to speak what all I need to. And what I take along? I will take along all the smiles of the people that I have helped and all the blessings!

So, I just end this little entry o the thought to help people and spread smiles. Its worth it!

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