Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolution : 1st January 2014

Hey Friends…
Happy New Year 2014…. And Just imagine, here we thought the world would end in 2012… and now it's already 2013!! Maybe the process is running a little late :P

Anyways, this time as my New Year Resolution, I thought of many ones… but you know what? New Year isn't the only day to take a resolution… if I am capable enough and of course willing enough, I can take a resolution at any day and as long as I keep it, it will be as good as a New Year Resolution!

However, I really considered a lot of resolutions…
  1. I seriously need to work out and get as perfect as possible… In a few months, I will have my college farewell and it is no less than a Prom!! It goes needless to say, I want to look the best I have so far, at least in my college to all my friends. This is a perfectly nice resolution and also the one that I seriously need to make… but knowing myself, I am never going to do something drastic about it… and if we consider small bits here and there, I am doing much more than just few small bits. I have a long list of all the things I can do about it expect exercise and I am practically implementing everything - right from colour therapy to balancing my diet!
All in all, I am doing all I would if I took it up as a resolution, therefore, useless!!

  1. I don’t know if I should mention it here or not and I don’t even know if this qualifies to be a resolution but this is something I did…. There is a certain person I really wanted to talk to. But he was also the same person I didn’t want as a part of my new year and neither do I want me to be a part of his. After all wishing and stuff in the hostel, I received his message. I don’t know what I did was correct or not but it took a lot of strength to stop myself from calling him and talking to him. Dear Lord, if you are listening, please… I really want you to give me a small gift (small for you, of course) in this new year… I want you to reduce the pain from both our memories. I wish to remember a friend with all the joys and not for the pain for whatever happened and more importantly, I want it for him. So, please God.

  1. I considered it very seriously that I would carry only goodness inside my heart… Honestly - it's just a small thing that has been on my mind after watching 'Once Upon a time' where Regina shows Snow's heart starting to get black. Since then I am desperately trying to restore my heart to the actual colour. But knowing myself, I can never stop being evil… no matter how good I become! So even though this is one thing that I really want to do and I am also implementing it in my daily chores and habits but definitely it is a little far too stretched to be a resolution… therefore - LAWYERED!!

  1. Finally I thought, like I mentioned before these points, it is important to do something, even if it is small… so I decided - I am going to blog each day!!

Yes folks… this is my New Year Resolution for 2014 - I am going to blog every day!
And I don’t say that I will post a new entry each day but at least I will spend some time daily to write down an entry. And even then, I don’t guarantee that I will be able to keep it… in that case - I will record anything interesting on paper and next time I find a system, I will definitely type it.

I know that my resolution might sound very small and silly to most but drops of water are capable of filling up the ocean. It might seem small, but blogging is a wonderful habit. Indeed, I just love doing it. Mostly out of laziness, I don’t blog often; I have so many ideas all bubbling inside me, waiting just to be written and shared with the world… so many stories all playing inside my head which need to be narrated… therefore, this resolution is personally for me only!
Not only will blogging support my passion to write but I will (hopefully) improve myself as an author, as a narrator and definitely as a person! And if any bit of my efforts could help someone else, there is nothing greater!!

So if you are reading this - there are going to be many more coming… SOON! I can't promise what I post but definitely it will be about various aspects of my life. I have always tried NOT to blog a single topic over and over again, even if I can't get something off my head for days and I hope I can continue doing so.
One thing that I can promise, there are going to be quite a few 'Harry Potter' related posts. Reading about all the money making by blogging tells me that as my URL is 'lovegoodluna', the expectations are that there will be several Harry Potter related posts. Here, honestly, I am just giving myself a chance to fall head-over-heels in love with Harry Potter series all over again and also, I am increasing my chances of earning some money!! Like I said, this resolution is about me!!

A little extension to my resolution will only be that once I am sure that I am keeping my resolution faithfully, I will seek a new thing that I want to change in myself… Let's all hear for New Year 2014, that to me is the year of change, or at least I hope so ;)

Happy new Year 2014.
God Bless you.


Harsh said...

Hey Luna .. Happy New Year :D :D

Few things on those list .. can relate to really well .. BTW, travelling and blogging tops my wishlist too for this new year :)

Luna Lovegood said...

Inshallah... I hope u hav a great year :D

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