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Alok Nath Memes.... #AlokNath #Sanskari

Hey Friends…

I am sure that you have checked out the new 'Alok Nath' memez on the internet… Well, Alok Nath is one of the permanent team members of the Rajshri group :P and he is seen in a lot of Rajshri movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Hum Saath Saath Hain and Vivah… and but to the Gen-X, he is more popularly known as Haveli Ram of Buniyaad.
My parents are keen watchers of Buniyaad, so everytime it would rerun on the television, I had to see it. Well, I just mentioned this to state that I have seen his other avatars apart from the being 'sanskaari' ones…

It was a pleasant surprise and even a little shock that the internet is today filled with Alok Nath memez or the 'sanskari' memez and to be honest, they are hilarious.
If I were to reveal a little secret, I never loved Rajnikant jokes… or CID jokes… they were very good and everything but at times they were hyped beyond the extent and that was when they got boring instead of funny.

On the other hand, I don’t know why but Alok Nath memez are just too good and fantastic. They are not boosting like rotating the earth or breaking doors… they relate to Alok Nath in terms of the characters that he plays and ones he is known for.

If ever you read this, Alok Nath sir,
No one intents to hurt you or humiliate you… we all love you and that is why you are so much talked about. It’s a marvel that so many people love you and please don’t be offended!!


Here are some awesome Alok Nath Memez I found on the net - (Enjoy!!)


When Alok Nath was born;
Doctor Said, "Badhai ho, Babuji huay hain"


Alok Nath is so sanskari that he smokes agarbattis


The only two wars Alok Nath has seen in his life.- Haridwar and Pariwar


Alok Nath CV Reads as:-
Degree- MBA in Kanyadaan
Skills- Sanskaar
Experience- 10022848 Kanyadaans done
Hobby- Giving Ashirwads!


"In school days, Alok Nath bunked a lecture to attend his daughter's wedding.


Alok Nath has never received salary , he always receives pension.


Alok Nath carried Hanuman Chalisa to school instead of Notebooks


Alok Nath eats Prasad as Starters


Alok Nath believes in 'Aashirwad at First Sight'


Alok Nath reads "All Indians are my brothers and sisters" as "All Indians are my Samdhans and Samdhis". 


Alok Nath went to Vaishno Devi for his Bachelor Party before marriage. With his Family.


Honey Singh: Chhoti Dress me bomb lagdi mainu.
Alok Nath: Chhoti Dress me thand lag jayegi beti.


Alok Nath is someone who is worried about Kanyadaan of d Girl
who is yet to be born...


Alok Nath's WhatsApp shows : "Last seen doing Kanyadaan at"


Alok Nath removes his slippers before playing Temple Run n distributes 'prasad' after crossing each level.


"When you type Alok Nath on Google search, "I'm feeling Lucky" changes to "I'm feeling Sanskari".


Alok Nath was d first person to call Parle as ParleG!!

Alok Nath wants Facebook to add 'Aashirwad' button.

Alok Nath has Zero friends bcoz he always turns 'Dosti into Rishtedaari'


Salman Khan is virgin because He fell in love with Alok Nath's daughter in his first movie as a hero.


AlokNath must be banging his head on a shivling praying ki ab tweets bas karo! kal raat se mujhpar atyachar ho raha hai! 


When Alok Nath is Out Of Reach On His Phone Call It Says " Jis Upbhokta Ko Ap call Karna Chahte Hai Wo Abhi Havan Kar Rahe Ha"


Alok Nath strongly disapproves of Mukesh Ambani. Because his sanskar met with an accident.


Ristein main toh voh tumhare Baap lagte hain naam hain " Babu ji !! "


People should stop asking why #AlokNath's trending. He's #AlokNath goddamnit!


Alok Nath once had a girlfriend. She used to fondly call him Babuji


AlokNath eats Prasad as starters. :P


AlokNath apne kutte ko bhi "ji" laga kar bulaate hain...Tommyji !


On a request from Alok Nath, Mika Singh changed his song from "Gandi Baat" to "Sanskaari Baat". 


And here are a few that I have tried… hope you like them :P

Alok Nath is so sanskari that he adds Gangajal (instead of soda) to his neat whisky.

Alok Nath is so sanskari that he keeps beer in taambe (brass) ka glass, overnight, before drinking it. It is good for health.

Alok Nath regrets not being born at the time of Ram-Seeta, he missed doing Kanyadaan of Seetaji and her sisters, all on the same day.

Alok Nath strongly disapproves of court marriages. There he can't do the kanyadaan.

Alok Nath even performs chandra-namaskar.

During his school time, Alok Nath would do night outs to go to Jagratas 

Alok Nath was allowed to study in an all-girls school. All other students were his betis.

Alok Nath did the kanyadaan of all his school teachers.

Alok Nath is so sankari that after he buys anything new, he does a grah-pravesh before getting the item inside his house.

Alok Nath is so sanskari that he performs grah-pravesh before entering into someone's house that he has not visited before.

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