Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miracle of the day : 28th January 2014

I recall that just the other day, when my friend - Sanjana and I were leaving the office to go home and the office - bus service wasn’t up. Initially we didn’t know that the bus wouldn’t operate that day and so, we
waited for some time. Finally, we decided to take an auto. During the waiting period, Sanjana pointed to another bus waiting nearby. It was a normal tourist bus and had the two of us been in our hostel region, we wouldn’t have given a second thought about boarding the bus or asking for lift. But we were not in Nainital. We were in Delhi or to be more precise - in Noida - in UTTAR PRADESH.
No offense people, I myself am born in this state and have a lot of people living here but who doesn’t know about it and its encounters with crime!
Anyways, I just pointed out to Sanjana that it’s a bus and she took a moment but after that, she shuddered.

That evening, I discussed with my parents, how weird it was that one incident changed the outlook of a millions. Buses are no longer mere modes of transportation. Every other day there is an article in the newspaper relating to the bus service. There is no trust that a girl can travel safely. Worse, the girls themselves feel unsafe!
Funny, how one's injury became trauma for the nation… and what was the reason? Well that's the shameful part! It's more than 13 months to the incident and still there is nothing done against the people. I guess, we are now just waiting for all of them to commit suicide and the minor one to rape more women.

Anyways, when everyone speaks of buses as so beastly vehicles racing the roads and the drivers being the most careless people to walk the roads, I witnessed a miracle. Yesterday, (yes, this probably is my fastest article :P), when the company bus was driving away, a very small kid (one year or so) walked into the middle of the road. The child was at a far enough distance and thankfully there was no more traffic on the road. We all, in the bus, panicked seeing the child. The driver didn’t blow the horn as the child wouldn’t understand the horn. The mother of the kid was on one side, running her stall and not at all aware of the situation.
Our bus driver, is a very nice and genuine person, I can say so because he stopped the bus at a very safe distance from the child and the conductor (another very nice and genuine guy) went down to help the child.
Seeing the bus stop all out of the blue, the mother finally took some time off her chores and looked to the situation. It took her a few moments to react to her own child being in the middle of the road. Anyways, she came running and took her child.

Now, it might be a question that where is the miracle? Well, the miracle is that there are still people who are constantly creating miracles to prove against their own image. Because of some horrible incident, people form opinions for a large mass forgetting that these are also people. Some will be bad but some will be good as well. And when we don’t hesitate to tell the wrong, why do we keep silent in encouraging the good.
So, its my little request to everyone, next time you see a bus in Noida, with 'CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ADVANCED COMPUTING' written on its sides, take a moment and appreciate the person.

It's easy to call anything bad but it takes a lot of motivation to keep the good going! I personally, salute the person and I am obliged to have met someone so nice.

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