Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comedy Nights - NOT so much comedy!!

Foremost, no offence to any of the Comedy Nights fans or to the 'Indian of the Year' - Mr. Kapil Sharma (definitely, the comic legend of the country). I, myself, is an avid fan of the show and havent missed a single episode of the show.

Let me first start with telling how much I adore Kapil and his comic skills - Kapil, a simple person from a very simple family, to being the most loved man of the country, Kapil has set new standards for comedy, as well as for Indian Television. He has redefined the term 'entertainer'. I don’t really know much details about the man but from the big highlights of his story, I can tell that Kapil Sharma is a very nice man. Also, a person who makes so many people laugh, definitely has a heart of gold.
Moreover, when we talk of Kapil, we can never forget the other actors on the show - Ali, Upasana, Sumona, Kiku and Sidhu sir (also the other recurring actors… especial mentions Sunil Grover). I agree Kapil does a wonderful solo, but the show would never be what it is, without the skills and support of these fabulous actors and performers. A thing that I would say for all of these people - they were always so talented and fine, it just takes the correct platform to judge a person's worth! Hats off to the entire team!

Now, getting a little more to the topic. I am just writing about something that is much talked these days about the show. Yes, Kapil's show is really wonderful to watch and it is very much entertaining but at times, Kapil takes some sensitive issues and stretches them more than acceptable.
For instance, Sumona is a wonderful actress and probably the only (to come to Comedy Circus) who complemented and supported Kapil. There were several others partnered with him but none could stand upto his standards. Individually as well, Sumona has proven her calibre in Bade Acche Lagte Hain and if it wasnt true, I doubt we would have seen the lovely actress in Barfi movie. Now, yes, I do understand that the format of the show is 'Comedy' but it is necessary to insult her beyond measure? At times Kapil keeps going on and on about her looks (especially her lips). I mean common, she is a very beautiful person, both inside and outside, for she stands so much. Any other girl if commented like she is, wouldnt stand there at all. I mean, I know she is part of the team and she does it just for the humour quotient, but dude, Sumona jokes especially on her lips are nothing funny any more. Everytime Kapil says them, he has a constant expression and she gives his the same expression and the viewers, even we have started to give the same expression. And trust me, the expression is nothing telling that we enjoy it!!

Secondly, this is a personal opinion - Kapil PLEASE dont make fun of Sumona's parents. I know when you say anything, your intention is NOT to insult anyone, especially Sumona - the actress or her family. These jokes are from a fictional character Bittu to his wife, again fictional. But dude, NOT COOL! On National Television, especially on a show that is seen by millions of viewers, in the country and abroad, you shouldnt show to disrespect your in-laws. Think about it - there is a reason there was a ban on showing smoking scenes in movies - there is a reason we have censor board - the audiences look upto actors and follow what is shown, without even thinking that its the character that they are following. When you show such scenes, think about it, there are very small children viewing the show and this is something you want them to see and learn? I am not pointing this to Kapil, the production house or the channel, but this is to the general public of this country - guys, a girl leaves her family and comes to yours. She calls and treats your parents as her own. She takes care of you and all your likes/ dislikes as her owns. And what you do? You abuse her? You call her family names? That's very manly and brave like, NOT! Therefore, Kapil, I know you are a very nice person, please fight against such a thinking instead of encouraging it or spreading it.

There are other, a few minor issues - like you really insult audiences if you want to. Dude, I know they enjoy it and most people who stand must have agreed for whatever happens, but it doesnt look good. And when you overdo it, it hampers your own image and reputation.
Moreover, what is a more pressing this, is that how you comment on issues. I remember a girl telling you that dont you go as guests to anyone's house when you commented on the habits of guests. That is what I am meaning dude. Again, NOT COOL!

Maybe after reading this article, you might be thinking that one by one, I have listed everything humour - worthy on the show and this would just leave a plain boring show. But hurting someone's feelings or insulting them, ofcourse unintentionally, is nothing better either.
I really look upto you Kapil, more as a good person than a fine actor. And this is the only reason that I thought this article is in order. I am writing this more as a well-wisher than a fan! Ofcourse I understand that 'One's comedy is other's tragedy' but I also believe that Kapil Sharma has the standards to match the best comedians of all times. He is of the level of Umar Shariff, Charlie Chaplin, Jonny Lever and many more great legends and that he doesnt need a point to make humour!
Dont let my believe shaken, dear!

I would just conclude with saying, that Kapil, you are doing an amazing job! Totally remarkable! When everyone today is in a way or other, hurting someone, you are bringing smiles to the public. Thank You. God Bless You.

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